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Segway rally action video!

Segway Rally locations

We currently offer 12 locations for the thrilling Segway Rally experience. Click on the locations below to find out more info:

About Segway Rally Experiences

What is a Segway?

A Segway (or 'Segway PT, Personal Transporter') is a small personal vehicle for one person to use. You stand on it and lean in the direction you want to go, with more or less weight on the machine determining how fast you want to go. You turn directions using the handlebars of the machine. Segways are powered by electricity rather than petrol, which is better for the environment but consequently means they are less fast than other driving experiences, such as go karting. At top speed Segways can hit around 20km/h, or just under 13 miles per hour. A segway is also estimated to be 3 times more efficient than a scooter.

Due to current legislation in the UK Segway rides can only take place on private land. Although this may not sound very useful it has lead to an explosion of Segway rally experiences, where you take a Segway off-road. This is not just a country pursuit however; you can still find many London Segway rally experiences. We have experiences both during the week and at weekends.

You can learn to Segway on our rides, our instructors are very experienced and will be able to take you through how the Segway works and give you the chance to practice before you ride anywhere too challenging. We have a wide range of deals, and you can go alone or take a friend on our Segway for two offers. That way you can learn together and get some great pictures or video, as one of our lucky competition winners did above! If you fancy joining them on a unique off-road adventure book a segway experience now and try out the gyroscopic technology for yourself