Bungee jumping in London

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Bunge jumping London

Heart-pumping jumps in the Capital

3, 2, 1, BUNGEE! If you want to know the thrill of jumping off a 160ft platform and hurtling towards the ground with only an elastic band to break your fall, then your search ends here.

This is the ultimate sense of euphoria, prepare to be overwhelmed with excitement as you take the leap at one of our London locations. With the world famous O2 arena as your very own backdrop, this jump promises to be breath-taking in all sense of the word. After your instructor prepares you for your free fall, you are free to experience the adrenaline rush of a life time. Make your way to one of our numerous London locations and watch the sights of the city flash past your eyes as you make a memory that will be unforgettable.

If the idea of doing it alone is daunting, you can now embrace the thrill with a friend! This joint jump in London is a fantastic experience to share with special pal.

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