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Bungee Jumping Scotland

Daredevil Plunges North of the Border

In picturesque settings North of the Border, you have the chance of a life time to experience the ecstasy of the bungee jump!

Combining the thrill of the leap, with the scenic views is a brilliant and unique way to ensure this gift offer will be unforgettable. Take to the platform, suspended at a nail biting 130 ft, and take the plunge! Experience Europe's only night bungee activity, set in Perthshire you have the chance to plummet through the darkness, with just an industrial-strength elastic band to break your fall.

Not a feat for the faint hearted, this gift offer is sure to leave your craving for adrenaline well and truly satisfied! Make your way down to one of our fantastic locations in Scotland and experience the jump of a life time.

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