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Am I eligible?

There is no minimum age restriction to our Segway experiences, but participants must be at least 134cm tall, and weigh between 45,117kg.

This experience is not suitable for those who are pregnant, suffering from heart disease, or epilepsy; other medical restrictions may apply.

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Segway Rally locations

We currently offer 12 locations for the thrilling Segway Rally experience. Click on the locations below to find out more info:

Are you worried you'll fall off?

Segway Rally

Don't be! To drive a Segway you just stand on it and lean in the direction you want to go, letting your naturally weight determine how fast you want to go, and using the handlebars to control your direction. You turn directions using the handlebars of the machine.

At top speed Segways can hit around 20km/h, or just under 13 miles per hour. A segway is also estimated to be 3 times more efficient than a scooter.

Our Segway instructors are very experienced and will provide all the training you need as well as giving you the chance to practice before you ride anywhere too challenging.

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