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Skydiving and Parachute jumping in the UK

If you've ever so much as thought about skydiving or parachuting in the UK - do it! You'll get to experience how it feels to hurtle toward the ground in a controlled scenario - it's the ultimate rush!

If you're adrenaline driven and have a head for heights, we have a good range of UK skydiving and parachute jump experiences - from tandem skydiving to static line parachute jumps. This great range of adrenaline experience days includes the awesome accelerated freefall course in scenic Nottingham and Suffolk - ideal for the thrill seekers in your life.

But if you're somebody who'd like to experience the pleasure of a freefall, without jumping 3,500 feet from a plane, then you'll love a bit of indoor skydiving. Sited at top locations, give somebody special the chance to try something new today! With the use of a state-of-the-art wind tunnel that employs the same technology that they use to test the aerodynamics of F1 cars, they'll feel as though they're soaring through the air, but in an entirely controlled environment - it's great! And what's more, this experience is suitable for children aged four and up - so it's ideal for families.

Why should you parachute jump in the UK?

If you've got the nerve to go it alone up there, our two days courses are perfect. You'll get a day of intensive training to ensure you have the knowledge to stay safe, before being taken 3000ft up to take your leisurely descent. The views are stunning and you'll experience a buzz like no other!

UK skydiving - it's the ultimate buzz!

It's the ultimate thrill. The excitement and exhilaration of jumping out of a plane at 13,000 feet is just about as extreme as it gets. And if the thought of going solo is a little overwhelming, we offer fantastic tandem skydiving experiences that also make perfect gifts for thrill seeking couples. Friendly instructors offer a full safety briefing before jumpers are fitted with a jumpsuit and harness. There really isn't any feeling like stepping out onto the edge of that plane before taking the plunge of your life!

Overall, our skydiving experiences are rated 5/5 by happy Buyagift skydivers.

100% would recommend a skydive experience to a friend or loved one.

Last Updated: July 2013

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  • "Fantastic falling through the clear blue sky, I want to do it again soon"
  • "No words can describe freefalling from the plane, it was like no roller coaster you have ever experienced"
  • "Would recommend this to anyone and everyone! Absolutely amazing!!!"
  • "Amazing experience and the best rush ever! Something I said I would never do but so glad I overcame my fear"
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