Skydiving and Parachuting in the South West

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Skydiving and Parachuting South West

Enjoy the adrenaline rush of a lifetime

After surviving the nail biting 25 minute ascent in a plane to ensure you are at the correct altitude, the journey is still only half complete. There is only one direction to go, and only one way to do it - SKYDIVE!

An expert will talk you through this adrenaline-pumping activity before strapping you onto a trained instructor. In our fantastic locations in Devon, situated in the picturesque South West of England, you are about to embark on a life changing jump, guaranteed to satisfy your need for all experiences heart racing! Standing at an impressive 7,000 Ft, prepare yourself to free fall for an unforgiving 40 seconds before feeling the liberation of a parachute breaking your fall. Accumulating speeds of 120 mph, this is indeed, the ultimate adrenaline rush which will be a memorable day for years to come.

Get yourself down to any of our incredible South West England regions and let yourself feel the thrill of the Skydive!