Zombie experience days

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Confirmed outbreak locations

Intel reports indicate that the following locations are experiencing outbreaks of the shuffling undead. EXTREME CAUTION is recommended around these locations.. For further information, click on the map pins or location names below.

Zombie experience days

All those movies that we thought were just clever social commentary. "They're about shopping, or civil rights, or just a chance to see some gratuitous violence!" Wrong. They were warnings!

The zombie apocalypse has arrived, and now we need some folk to come along with their mighty boom-sticks and clear up all this mess.

That's where you come in.

Zombie bootcamp experience day

"Open the container, you said. It'll be fine, you said."

We've got a whole new range of zombie experience days, all ready to train you for the inevitable zombie onslaught.

You'll get kitted out in body armour and eye protection, tooled up with Airsoft weaponry, and shown how to use it all. Then it's up to your squad to achieve your mission objectives.

Zombie bootcamp experience day

"One more thing you didn't mention: the whole flying zombie thing"

Depending on the experience you choose, you could be clearing out a shopping mall in a last-ditch attempt to find the cure, or assaulting a country manor bolthole - one of the last safe places in the country. Except it's not that safe. Because *spoiler* it's filled with zombies.

Zombie bootcamp experience day

"And there's definitely nothing behind us, Dave?" "Nope, took care of it"

These are full-on action experiences, designed to give you as much thrills and spills as possible. There'll be some swearing, some rough and tumble and a lot of darkness. A whole lot of darkness. Think you can take the country back from the undead menace? Now's your chance to prove it.

All you need to know about our Zombie Experiences

Q: Are there any age restrictions on your zombie experiences?
A: unfortunately, we have had to increase the minimum age of our zombie experiences to 16 because it can get quite physical. And besides, those zombies are pretty scary looking!

Q: Is it true that you use airsoft guns? And can I bring mine?
A: They are indeed very similar. But, you'll be given your own and all the ammo you need on the day, so please don't bring your own. All of their kit is top quality and designed so that you have the most realistic and fun experience.

Q: Can I book a zombie experience for a group?
A: Of course! Simply purchase the right amount of vouchers and ring the venue to book yourselves in. If you would prefer to check the availability beforehand, just give us a ring and we'll be happy to help - we'll even ring the zombies to let them know youíre on your way. Note that groups smaller than the maximum group size might be mixed into other teams to make sure there are enough of you to fight off the hungry hordes of undead. If your group is made up of the maximum number of people then we may be able to set up a private sessions just for you!

Q: What happens on your zombie experiences?
A: Normally, a session will run for a few hours with 15-36 people (this will depend on which experience you book). Generally speaking, you will operate in teams of two, four, eight or twelve people depending on the mission. You'll be given some basic military combat training before you're sent off to be pitted against the undead.

Q: Am I going to get hurt? A: experiences aren't for the faint hearted, and it might be hands on in parts. There will also be some simulated violence. But it's all role play, so you won't come away with injury.

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