Indoor Surfing Experience for One

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Experience indoor surfing with a Flowboarding session at one of two UK locations!

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Discover the thrill of surfing without the need to brave Britain’s temperamental weather, or when the beach is out of reach! The FlowRider® creates an endless wave of water, about 4 inches deep, which allows you to surf indoors on top of specially designed boards. No experience is necessary – the expert instructors will guide you as you learn to surf or bodyboard, or build upon your existing skills in a safe and controlled environment. Indoor surfing is a must-try for any boardsports enthusiast – guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping!
You will be greeted at reception, where you will complete your paperwork before receiving a classroom safety and instruction briefing. Get kitted out with a wetsuit, ready to hit the wave (You will need to provide your own swimwear to wear underneath the wetsuit). As part of a group (max. 12 people) you will then make your way to the FlowRider® where you'll spend 60 minutes taking it in turns to practice body boarding and - if you’re confident enough - stand up surfing. Be aware that you may fall off the board and into the water a number of times as you get used to the skills required. Don’t worry; this is all part of the fun! All the areas of the ride are padded and the surface itself is stretched so it bounces like a bouncy castle. Once the time is up you will get changed and return your kit. You'll have the chance to buy souvenirs including photos.

This experience is available at 2 Locations:

  • Bedfordshire (South East) - Milton Ernest
  • West Yorkshire (North) - Castleford
Your voucher is valid for 10 months for one person. This experience is available weekround. Minimum height restriction of 42 inches (107cm) applies to body boarders and 52 inches (132cm) to stand up riders. There are no age or weight restrictions. A reasonable level of mobility and fitness is required to take part. Special caution should be taken with back problems/ disc problems, freshly stitched wounds, osteoporosis/ bone illness and similar and heart problems. Indoor surfing is not recommended for pregnant women. You must bring a swimsuit and towel - a wetsuit will be provided. All dates are subject to availability.
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So Much Fun! The whole experience was brilliant. I went along with my partner a few weeks ago and then recommended it to my cousin and her friend who went the other day and I went along to take photos! We started off by bodyboarding - throwing ourselves into a jet of water! We laughed so much. The pro's are very impressive and make it look so easy! :P The instructors explained things very well and helped us progess quickly and before we knew it we were surfing STANDING! I didn't think I'd get that far but I did :) I even did a turn! Oh yes.... Watching my cousin the other day reminded me of how much fun it was (it was just as fun to take photos!!) and I'm definitely going again! 01 October 2012
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