Snow Zorbing for Two (Weekdays)

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Tumble through the snow at speeds of up to 30mph with the world's first ever Snow Zorbing experience

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Take a deep breath and prepare for the ride of your life with this adrenaline-pumping treat for two – the world’s first ever Snow Zorbing experience! This unique thrill is exhilarating, breath-taking and needs to be experienced to be believed, and your hearts will race as you are strapped in to the 4m diameter ball and rolled down a slope in real snow! You’ll laugh with excitement as 4Gs of pressure hit you, reaching speeds up to 30mph and temperatures of -2.5°C.
Upon arrival at the venue you will get checked in at ground control, before you are taken through with your group to the briefing room where you will watch a Health and Safety video and sign a statement of risk confirming you have understood the risks associated to Snow Sphereing. Then it’s into the changing rooms where you will put on your flight suits and harnesses. Once this is done it’s the long walk up the hill in the glorious Snow as you get ready to be loaded and rolled down the hill.

Once it’s your turn it’s a full on adrenaline rush and a massive ramp to catch you at the end. You will experience speeds of up to 30mph and temperatures of -2.5° as you feel the 4Gs of pressure hit you! Once your ride is over the crew will get you out and you can check out the rest of your group descend the hill. The whole experience will last approximately 2 hours.
Your voucher is valid for ten months. This experience is for two people. This voucher may be used Monday - Friday up to 6pm only and this experience is not available on Bank Holidays. Minimum age is 12 and parental consent is required for anyone below the age of 18, Max age is 60. Min. height for participants is 4'7", max. height: 7'2", max. weight: 18 stone, max. girth: 60". Participants must be physically fit. Participation is prohibited if you are pregnant; under the influence of alcohol or drugs; suffering or have ever suffered from back/neck problems, suffer from epilepsy or are receiving medical treatment that could be affected by the activity. Flight suits are provided and you are advised to wear casual clothing, as well as gloves - these can be bought at site if you cannot bring your own. All dates are subject to availability, you are advised to book at least 4 weeks in advance.