Tandem Skydive in Northamptonshire

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Experience the thrill of a free-fall skydive without the need for intensive training

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Travelling at 200 metres per second, you'll hurtle earthward from the skies, strapped to a fully qualified skydiving instructor who will deploy your parachute and ensure you land safely on solid ground. You'll feel the rush of adrenaline as you surge through the air for seven thousand feet, before your instructor guides you in for a smooth landing. This thrill-seeking experience is a truly unforgettable taste of life on the wild side!
Following a short pre-jump briefing you will be provided with a skydivers jump suit to go over your clothes (you should wear comfortable clothing such as a track suit and trainers). Then after fitting a tandem parachute harness (and appropriate headgear and goggles) the jump plane will take 20-25 minutes to reach the required altitude - then it's out in to the blue!

This experience is available at Northamptonshire:

  • Northamptonshire (Midlands) - Brackley
Your voucher is valid for ten months. The weight limit for participation is 15 stone. Your weight will be checked on the day of the course. For those under 18 years of age a separate signed letter of consent from a parent or guardian will be required before training commences. You will be required to complete and sign a 'Declaration of Fitness' to Parachute before training commences (this will be provided when your booking is confirmed). The minimum age for sport parachuting is 16 years. For those less than 18 years of age a separate signed letter of consent from a Parent or Guardian will be required before training commences.
If you are 40 years of age or over you must obtain written approval from your Doctor on the 'Declaration of Fitness to Parachute' form before commencing training - this can be found here. You will also need a 'Declaration of Fitness to Parachute if you have suffered from any of the following: Previous fractures, back strain, arthritis and severe joint sprains. Chronic bronchitis, Asthma, Rheumatic fever, Pneumothorax, Liver or kidney disease, Thyroid, adrenal or other glandular disorder. Chronic ear or sinus disease or any condition which requires the regular use of drugs. Anaemia or have recently donated blood.
No person over the age of 50 years will normally be accepted for novice parachute training, other than for Tandem Skydives, where high ages may be acceptable. Exceptions to this rule may be allowed if the candidate either has previous experience or is of a high standard of fitness and can convince the Instructor of that fitness.
You will not be allowed to undertake parachute training if you have ever suffered from any of the following medical conditions, unless you and your Doctor have obtained the prior approval of the Medical Advisor to the British Parachute Association (who may be contacted via the address on the 'Declaration of Fitness' form):
Epilepsy, fits, severe head injury, recurrent blackouts or giddiness, disease of the brain or nervous system, high blood pressure, heart or lung disease, recurrent weakness or dislocation of any limb, diabetes, mental illness, drug or alcohol addiction.
Customers will currently need to pay a compulsory BPA membership fee of approx £30 on the day of their experience.
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Superb gift Dave the instructor made me feel at ease, his training was clear and easy to understand. It was him who made the day Tandem Skydiving a fantastic experience and for me the need to do it again with the ultimate to do a solo Skydive! A big thank you Dave and I hope to see you again soon. My daughters have also shown a interest so maybe the family will be doing a family Skydive soon! 14 June 2014
Best Experience In The World!! My skydive was incredible, no words can describe how amazing it was. The instructor I jumped with was lovely and made me feel very safe and made me really enjoy the experience. As soon as I landed all I could think was when can I do it again! I would recommend this to anyone, you will never know what it feels like until you have done it. 09 June 2014
Fantastic Brilliant experience!! Loved it!! Fantastic value for money if buying voucher from buyagift! 09 June 2014
Amazing Experience Highly recommend throwing yourself out of an aeroplane at 13000 feet. Excellent instructors make the whole thing a breeze. "When we get to the edge tilt your head back. You are going out the door anyway, so you might as well smile for the camera". 07 June 2014
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