Zombie Apocalypse Experience for One

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Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse and fight for your life as you take down the living dead!

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Get ready for the fight of your life as you take on the undead with this exciting and exhilarating Zombie Apocalypse Experience. Issued with combat clothing, airsoft weapons and ammo, you’ll work with a containment team of military personnel, doctors and members of the local public as you battle to stop the zombies and halt the spread of infection! Be warned - this is not for the faint hearted or anyone scared of the dark!
This action-packed three-hour experience is the perfect thrill for adrenaline junkies, horror fans and anyone who wants to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse! You will be volunteering to be the last line of defence against a zombie attack that is desperately trying to break out and spread their virus worldwide!

On arrival you will be met by your instructors - the surviving members of the original containment team; a mixture of military personal, doctors and members of the local public.

You will be split down into teams and kitted out with weapons and protective equipment - combat clothing, airsoft weapons and ammo! You will be given a brief instruction on how to use the selection of weapons available and then you will be sent straight out into the thick of the action - you and your team must act immediately in order to stop the spread of the virus!

You’ll work together with your team to battle the zombies and contain this dangerous infection – can you defeat the undead?

This experience is available at Buckinghamshire:

  • Buckinghamshire (South East) - Milton Keynes
Your voucher is valid for ten months. This voucher is for one person. This experience runs March-December on selected weekends. Minimum age is 18; maximum is 70. There are no height or weight restrictions but you must be able to fit in standard-sized protective gear. Minimum fitness is required and participants are encouraged to take things at their own pace. On arrival, you will be asked to sign a medical declaration form to declare any medical conditions and/or medication that is being taken. No live ammunition or weapons are used in the activities to comply with current legislation. All necessary equipment is provided on the day. Actors are used in this experience and can get injured or hurt. If your behaviour towards them is deemed too aggressive it is the supplier's right to remove you from the experience and you will forfeit your voucher. Please note that you cannot take part in this experience under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. If you do not respect this rule you will forfeit your voucher. Spectators are welcome but some training and missions cannot be viewed. Wear suitable outdoor clothing. All dates are subject to availability.
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What a night What a great experiance we both had! Although at first I was a bit nervous not knowing what to expect, it was an amazing night. Definately planning on coming back - thinking about booking a stag do. We're going to have a fabulous time. Even though I have been once and may know what to exspect I still cant wait to have another go at it. This is somthing that i would have never bought myself and was a Christmas pressent from my Girlfriend but I am so glad that she baught it for me. if you are thinking about going on this experiance then you need to stop the thinking and just buy buy buiy you will not regret it. :-) 18 August 2012
An awesome zombie-killing experience! This experience is fantastic! I went with a large group of friends and we all thoroughly enjoyed the night!! (12-3am!) We had no idea what to expect (most of us hadn't even seen the description on this website) and this made it all the better. Although it does show some signs of being in the early stages of development, the team have put together a great experience to suit all wannabe zombie-killers. The guys are amazing - completely dedicated to making the experience the best they can, never breaking character and eager to receive feedback (good or bad) at the end. Although it wasn't as gory as we had expected, it was certainly exhilarating and definitely great fun and I highly recommend it for any zombie-enthusiast! 05 July 2012
Simply awesome 22/07/2012 I initially brought it for my husband as a gift for his birthday but I drove him up and upon seeing it - I got a ticket too! The guys were awesome and in character right from the start and never broke from it. It is an apocalypse event which made it better in our minds as it was more raw which added to the fun, we had to scrounge our kit together & carry out missions - find ammo, food, water, cures etc we were buzzing from it at the end! It was never dull even the time in between missions was spent doing activities – which you could take skills home from too and being scared– which afterwards, was hilarious! Both my husband and I thoroughly recommend it as a great experience and good laugh and the event is clearly getting better and better so we are booking again later in the year and taking friends with us! It doesn’t matter what your gender or size so ladies don’t be worried, the zombies attack as hard as you do! I felt a bit sorry for them at the end lol as they were awesome and really did make the whole experience challenging, fun and rewarding and they took a lot of hits!! 10/10 for the zombies!! Final mission was awesome, pitch black, fires for lights and zombies everywhere! 24 July 2012
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