Zombie Apocalypse Experience for Two

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Zombies are on the rampage! Wave upon wave of resistance has been swept aside. Can you fare any differently as you take on the monsters head on?!

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How would you cope if Zombies took over the world? Well now is your chance to find out as you and a friend become the last line of defence against the Zombie onslaught! You’ll jump straight into the action as your superiors supply you with equipment and weaponry needed to deflect the waves of zombies on the march. You will be trained in their use and set straight out to defend the country. Can the two of you stop the zombies? Shoot you way through the terrifying live action zombie offensive as best as you can with the airsoft weapons provided. For any fan of horror, war games or simply in needing of an adrenaline fuelled thrill, this is the experience for you! Please allow at least three hours for your experience
What's included?
  • All equipment and weapons you will need for use during your experience
  • A full training session on the use of the weapons and the zombies you will be looking to take down
  • An all out zombie apocalypse blast session for two people
Any restrictions?
  • Your voucher is valid for 10 months for two
  • You are free to book your experience on selected weekends between March and December
  • You will need to be at least 18 years old to participate, and no older than 70
  • You must be able to fit into standard sized protective gear, although there are no formal height or weight restrictions
What do I need to know?
  • Please note this is an active experience and therefore a minimum level of fitness is required.
  • Participants are encouraged to take things at their own pace and should not over exert themselves
  • You will need to declare any medical conditions and/or medication you are currently on and sign a medical declaration on arrival
  • In line with current legislation, no live rounds or weaponry are used during this experience
  • You will be provided with all the equipment you need on the day, for use during the experience
  • If your behaviour towards the live actors is deemed too aggressive, you will be asked to leave and you will forfeit your voucher
  • Please be aware that although spectators are welcome to join you, many parts of the experience are out of view
  • Please ensure you wear comfortable clothing suitable for outdoor activity, and weather appropriate
  • If you are under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs you will not be able to participate and you will forfeit your voucher
  • All dates are subject to availability.

This experience is available at Buckinghamshire:

  • Buckinghamshire (South East) - Milton Keynes
Your voucher is valid for ten months. It is for two. Experience runs March-December on selected weekends. Minimum age 18; maximum 70. There are no height or weight restrictions, you must be able to fit in standard-sized protective gear. Minimum fitness is required and participants are encouraged to take things at their own pace. On arrival, you will be asked to sign a medical declaration form to declare any conditions and/or medication that is being taken. No live rounds or weapons are used in the activities to comply with current legislation. All equipment is provided on the day. Live actors are used in this experience and can get injured or hurt. If your behaviour towards them is deemed too aggressive it is the supplier's right to remove you from the experience and you will forfeit your voucher. Spectators are welcome but some training and missions cannot be viewed. You are advised to wear comfortable clothing suitable for outdoors with some limited running around - dress suitable for time of year. You cannot take part in this experience under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. If you do not respect this rule you will forfeit your voucher. All dates are subject to availability.
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OUtSTANDING Mate & I traveled up to our experience (my x'mas prezzie) full of expectation & anticipation,,, we weren't disappointed. Outstanding organisation, 3 different missions to complete & loads of combat training, this delivered on every level, we were totally blown away by the evening, awesome, definatley reccommend it, suits girls or boys, the level of interaction that you put in you get back!!!! I had the bruises to prove it!! DO IT!! 19 June 2014
ZOM-POCALYPSE!!! Absolutely unbelievable!! After being introduced to the 'scenario', we chose our combat gear and were then given a lesson in un-armed combat, these guys know their stuff and teach you some really nifty tricks! We then went out to choose our weapons- Airsoft AK47's or riot shields. You will feel safer with a gun, but the real fun is being a shield. The zombies are hard to take down and you really have to work as a team to complete the missions. As long as you don't mind a few bumps and bruises, you have got to try this. The guys running it were amazing, friendly and VERY convincing! Great training for 'the end times' I don't think anything could be closer to the real thing! 28 June 2013
Superb gift Amazing experience, better than ever imagined. Would definitely buy again and recommend to everyone. Thoroughly enjoyed by all who took part. 23 November 2012
Brilliant night! My friend and I did this experience on 21st july 2012 it was a joint christmas present from our partners. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys being scared we had an amazing time and the staff were really convincing that their was a genuine apocalypse. We had training and then went out on missions, the zombies were very scary looking and it scared the **** out of me when they jump out, completely unexpected, it was so enjoyable we would def do it again! 23 July 2012
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