Zombie Battle - Abandoned Manor House Experience

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How would you react to a zombie apocalypse? Well now is your chance to find out as you take on the undead in this thrilling live-action experience!

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It’s been days since communication has been lost with Alpha Squad, the army unit charged with investigating the strange goings on at the government research facility. There have been stories of zombie-like creatures occupying the site after an experiment went very wrong. The stories cant be true surely? As a member of Grey Squad, it's your job to find out what is really going on. Are you brave enough to take that step into the dark? On arrival, you will be issued with your weapons and given instruction on how to use them properly, then your commanding officer will show you the plan for the search and rescue mission you're about to embark on. You and your team will enter the facility, taking slow steps in the dark. There is a strange smell, and peculiar noises coming from the distance... The torches come out, what they reveal is truly terrifying; Zombies have taken over the whole building!
What's included?
  • All weapons needed for the duration of your experience
  • Training from instructors on how to use them
  • A two hour zombie battle experience
Any restrictions?
  • Your voucher is valid for 6 months for one person
  • Experiences take place on weekends, all year round
  • There are two sessions, 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm
  • The minimum age is 16
  • If you have any medical conditions you believe may impede your experience, please make the operator aware when booking
What do I need to know?
  • You need to be reasonably fit as this is a physical activity
  • Make sure you bring clothes you don’t mind getting muddy as some of this activity takes place outdoors
  • Bear in mind that live actors take part in the experience, and they can be injured and hurt - please take care during the experience. If you are too aggressive towards the actors you will be asked to leave the site
  • If you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you will not be permitted to take part. If you do not respect this rule you will forfeit your voucher
  • All dates are subject to availability

This experience is available at Greater Manchester:

  • Greater Manchester (North) - Warrington
Your voucher is valid for 6 months for one person. This experience runs all year round on weekends only. Sessions run from 10:00am-1:00pm and 2:00pm-5:00pm. Minimum age is 16. This event is physical in nature and requires a reasonable degree of basic fitness. Elements of this experience take place outside so please bring suitable outdoor clothing and footwear as this will be likely to get dirty. Any underlying medical conditions must be discussed with organisers when booking. Please be aware that live actors are used in this experience and can get injured or hurt. Please note that you cannot take part in this experience under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. If you do not respect this rule you will forfeit your voucher. If your behaviour towards them is deemed too aggressive it is the supplier's right to remove you from the experience and you will forfeit your voucher. All dates are subject to availability.
Zombie Battle - Abandoned Manor House Experience 4.9 5 37 37
awesome! I finally lived out the fantasy of being in a zombie infested world! Totally immersive from the start, the zombies are great, believable and genuinely scary! Whole experience is a nerve shredder, had us jumping at everything! Not for the faint hearted! Found myself doing the same things you always think tv/film characters are stupid to do. The only downside? The fact that it had to end... If anyone has even a slight fetish fir apocalyptic scenarios, zombies or even just a survival fantasy, BOOK IT! 23 June 2014
Amazing When I first went to book the event the price seemed really steep but my god was it worth it. Everything was well explained and acted out and it really did get your heart pounding at times. 14 June 2014
Epic started quickly, just some papers which was 5 minutes at most, then at the training area, we got shown a zombie and all of a sudden after we was taught about the guns, a horde came running from the corner and we instantly got dropped into action. all the way through we were alert and awake from the sneaky zombies! had to search for some blue vials (didn't have a story behind them, or any use). overall it was good experience, and even though 2 hours don't seem long, it felt like a whole day. 11 May 2014
Full On Zombie Manor House Experience I was bought this gift by my wife as a birthday gift so i was on my own, but it didnt matter as everyone was put in to teams and i didnt feel left out in any way. The team at the manor house are excellent and help to set the right scene for the event. The 'zombies' are great and are quite scary at times - especially when we were sent into a pitch black corridor and you can hear the zombie groans in the dark!!! The whole experience was awesome and themed extremely well, plus the actual 'game' itself seemed to go on for ages - it was quite physically (and mentally) gruelling - i in no way whatsoever felt shortchanged on the time front. There was a 'stag' dressed as batman (and the group werent rowdy or anything) but i made me think that it would an ideal stag doo activity. There were also some 'plot twists' and turns which kept it exciting and unpredictable. I liked the way were used the manor house itself inside and out during the game, and also the woods, cottages and chalet style buildings on the grounds aswell - it really mixed it up. As i said at the start of this review, i didnt pay for this as it was a gift - however i have already (i only did it yesterday) told a friend that if they wanted to do it, i would be happy to pay the full amount to do it again.... 04 May 2014
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