Zombie Battle - Abandoned Shopping Mall Experience

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Would you survive a zombie apocalypse? Fight for your survival in an abandoned shopping mall with this terrifying zombie experience!

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The dead are walking the Earth! You’ve seen it in the movies, now experience it first hand as a hoard of terrifying zombies descend on a disused shopping mall trapping you and your fellow survivors inside battling for your lives! This adrenalin fuelled live action horror event is like no other in the UK; you’ll be part of an unfolding story that will play out in real time, where every decision you make is crucial to your survival. You’ll meet and be armed by a special firearms team, before being pitted against the zombie hoard in a series of computer-game-like missions for a full on shoot-em-up gorefest! Quality special effects are used throughout the experience for the most lifelike zombie battle you’ll ever experience.
From the people that brought you our ever popular zombie abandoned manor house experience comes the fantastic zombie abandoned shopping mall experience.

The world has descended in to panic as the dead rise from the Earth and spread across the UK leaving epic destruction in their wake. Little is known about the source of infection but it spread quickly. It’s time to start your survival plan!

Survivors will need to work as a team to escape. During this live action horror experience you’ll join a group of survivors at a disused shopping mall, where you’ll take part in the most realistic zombie battle experience in the UK. During the first session you’ll meet with a team of Police firearm specialists who will provide you with airsoft weapons and give you basic training on how to keep yourself alive. During this 2-2.5 hour movie-like session you’ll be part of a story unfolding in real time. Next up, you and your group will be pitted against a hoard of zombies in a heart-pounding “run and gun” battle. The experience will not just about shooting zombies - ammunition will be limited with only a few opportunities to get more. As a survivor you will speed, steady nerves and smart thinking if you’re to make it out alive!

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Your voucher is valid for six months for one person. This experience runs all year round on weekends only. Sessions run from 9:00am-1:00pm or 1:00pm-5:00pm. Minimum age is 16 years. You are advised to book as early as possible, as this experience gets booked up fast. This event is physical in nature and requires a reasonable degree of basic fitness. Please bring suitable clothing and footwear as this will be likely to get dirty. Any underlying medical conditions must be discussed with organisers when booking. All dates are subject to availability. This experience involves live action horror and gore and as such is not suitable for anyone of a nervous disposition. Please be aware that live actors are used in this experience and can get injured or hurt. If your behaviour towards them is deemed too aggressive it is the supplier's right to remove you from the experience and you will forfeit your voucher. This voucher cannot be extended.
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Dawn of the Dead 2: Electric Boogaloo Have you ever been so thoroughly terrified that you were sweating so much you didn't even notice you'd wet yourself? BAM welcome to flavour country my friend, because this zombie experience is like that, PLUS some. Armed with only an airsoft shotgun (which you can totally load by holding it with one hand and then shaking it up-and-down, Duke Nukem style), you and your fellow zombie slayers are led on a merry chase through an abandoned-freakin' shopping centre, huntin' zombies. What's that? It can't be an entirely abandoned shopping centre. YES. YES IT IS. ENTIRELY abandoned. AND it's decrepit. AND most of the lights don't work. AND there's pools of a liquid that looks suspiciously like blood all over the place. Make no mistake my friend, if you are super-lame, you do not belong on this experience; you belong on a farm, pickin' berries and blowing into a jug. This zombie elimination ponzi scheme makes Resident Evil 2 look like Resident Evil 5, and 28 Days Later look like 21 Dresses. You'll be frantically waving your torch around whilst suspiciously fast, shambling monstrosities converge on you from all sides, all whilst your squad leader is crying like a baby "oh God why didn't I become a chiropodist?! My mum was riiiiight". I'll leave you with this absolutely pants-browning thought: part of the mall you go through is an abandoned childrens' play centre. ABANDONED. CHILDRENS. PLAY CENTRE. There are freakin' CLOWNS painted all over the walls. There are no lights. Just some unnervingly active shadows and shallow breathing around every corner... 15 March 2012
Amazing... I had an amazing time during the Zombie Mall experience. The setting, a real disused Mall, was superb and the scenarios excellent. The "actor" did a great job. The excitments starts as soon as you walk in the door. Huge, huge fun. I would recommend this for anyone who love the zombie genre. 26 June 2014
Great fun! I attended this event with a friend and we both thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. The actors were amazing through out and we have already started planning another trip! The story line worked well and even the 'go it alone' section was planned and executed well. I particularly enjoyed the final Zulu style last stand. Well done guys and girls we had a blast! 09 June 2014
Fantastic Day The zombie mall experience was simply amazing! Best day out I've had, and I think most would enjoy it, even those who aren't die hard zombie fans. Was worth every penny, and would definitely do it again. Already planning our trip to the manor house experience. 11 May 2014
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