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Take on the undead with this exhilarating Zombie Bootcamp Experience - the ultimate fright-fest!

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Find out if you’ve got what it takes to battle the living dead with this terrifying Zombie Bootcamp Experience. Under the guidance of expert military instructors you’ll learn how to use a variety of weapons, before facing the ultimate test of skill and bravery – clearing out a building full of live zombies and rescuing a survivor. Lock down your trigger finger as you spray the zombie hordes, use simulated grenades and fight these sub-human monsters hand to hand. Remember - Zombies do not take prisoners!
Zombie Boot Camp is a REAL ACTION event based on a perceived realistic setting, with a convincing story line. The scenario puts you as part of a riot squad using adapted current tactics in the front line in tackling the threat of a zombie outbreak in the UK.

On arrival you will receive an initial safety brief and be issued with your equipment - a riot helmet with visor, protective knee-shin and forearm elbow protectors, a set of camouflage gortex water proof trousers and jacket or a set of fire proof riot overalls, as well as high legs combat boots and leather gloves when appropriate.

You will be then be fully briefed on the event and be shown the equipment before undergoing a series of training sessions which will build your confidence and prepare you for the missions. The training comprises of team tactics and team work, safe handling of the paint gun and public order techniques (riot training). The training team will teach you how to fire from a number of different fire positions and you will move across to the Close Quarter Battle area, where you will train as a 4 man team to negotiate a series of rooms and corridors. Then, once you have completed your training, it’s time for your missions!

Mission 1 - Compound Clearance and Containment
During this mission you will work as a formed squad to clear a mock up Government Research Facility. On arrival at the main gates you will receive an incident briefing from a member of the guard force. Dependent on the threat and briefing from the guard force you will use a combination of paint guns and riot equipment to clear the compound of aggressive zombies and infected lab staff. Things can get very messy as the zombies will become agitated as you enter their territory. You will have to work as a team and listen to your instructors to suppress and immobilise the undead. Once you have neutralised the threat you will be evacuated to the Patrol Base in preparation for redeployment. Concurrent to this mission you will also learn a number of life saving techniques in how to immobilise and contain a powerful zombie.

Mission 2 - Clear the Main Hangar and Rescue Survivor
After a briefing your squad will be called upon to combat an infestation of the living dead. You will deploy by riot van to a rendezvous with a member of the guard force. After immobilising a group of very aggressive turbo zombies you will stack up at the main doors of the main hangar in preparation to storm the building. With alarms sounding, your instructor will throw in a stun grenade to disorientate any zombies lurking in the shadows. On hearing the detonation of the stun grenade you will force entry into the hangar and start neutralising the threat. Due to the complexities and layout of the main hangar you will clear out the rooms with riot shields and batons. Once inside the building you will fight through a series of mêlées with zombies. This is a challenging environment to fight in as the poor light will initially obscure the zombies from view. Once you enter their space, be prepared to fight for your very survival!

On completion of the last mission you will be debriefed by your instructor and de-kitted. Once you are de-kitted there is the option to buy refreshments.

This experience is available at Worcestershire:

  • Worcestershire (Midlands) - Droitwich
Your voucher is valid for ten months. It is for one person. This experience is available Saturday & Sunday only. Minimum age is 16. The experience is up to 4 hours in duration dependent on group size. Session times are 1000 – 1400 or 1500 – 1900 (please arrive at least 15 minutes before the event starts). You must be reasonably fit as this experience requires a lot of movement and involves a lot of action. Please note the experience is very kinetic and is designed to be scary - be prepared for a bit of pushing and shoving. You will have to negotiate a range of challenging environments - there are dark confined spaces and you will have to crawl through a tunnel. You are required to advise the supplier if you suffer from claustrophobia, asthma or are suffering from an existing medical condition or are recovering from an injury. Please note that you cannot take part in this experience under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. If you do not respect this rule you will forfeit your voucher. On arrival you will have to sign a safety waiver. All participants must adhere to the supplier’s health and safety policy. You are advised to wear walking socks, lightweight trousers/tracksuit bottoms and a sweat shirt. All dates are subject to availability.
Zombie Bootcamp Experience 4.6 5 21 21
AWESOME!! Great from start to finish. The instructors make you feel like you are in the movie 28 days later. After some training you get thrown into the most amazing zombie experience. Its very physical and a lot of fun. It will make you question whether or not you could survive a real life zombie apocalypse. Couldn't recommend this enough! 16 June 2014
Great fun. Totally different experience. Did this as a family day out. Totally different to anything we have done before and all really enjoyed it. Came away with aches and bruises but that's all part of the fun! Very refreshing to do something that didn't feel obsessed with 'health and safety'! 01 June 2014
Awesome Day Out! Went to RAM Training's Zombie Bootcamp#1 on Saturday afternoon. Luckily (SPOILER ALERT!!), the Zombies weren't real, otherwise I don't think I'd be here to tell the tale. Much more training/prep needed prior to the real Zombie apocalypse. The day was well run, although didn't actually last the 4 hours stated (having said that, I think I may have collapsed had I had to do much more) - we were finished by 18:30 and I'm not sure it started at 3pm either. But never mind, it was good. I will say, it takes a lot out of you. You get very hot and sweaty and the action is fast and furious, but it's immense fun and a darn good laugh. Both the OH and I are not sure we'd go back, but not because it wasn't good, more that for us, it was one of those 'done it once and that's good for us' things (plus it was a good three hour drive away from home). The guys who run the events are brilliant, nothing's too much bother - Max even loaned me his own knee pads for the afternoon, bless him. Can't wait to see the photos from the event. Thanks RAM, you rock! 28 April 2014
EPIC! Awesome day. All I can say is go and do it you wont be disappointed. Bought this for my partner as his christmas gift, and he loved it, we just did it this past weekend and we were not disappointed. Its one of the best days out weve had. Weve cone away with cuts and bruises and Im sure my partner broke his knuckle but they are worth it and the zombies got theyre fair share of bruises and such off us. Wicked day! Go do it! 20 April 2014
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