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18th Birthday

Make their birthday one to remember with a fantastic 18th birthday gifts.

An 18th birthday is always a big occasion, as it means that someone has become an adult. It's a real rite of passage and an exciting time of life. There is a wide range of 18th birthday gift ideas here, so there is a memorable present for every type of person.

There is a wider range of gift ideas in our driving experiences section. There may be some restrictions related to the length of time an individual has held their driving licence but in general most car experience gifts will accept anyone with a valid driving licence. This is a great present and gives you the chance to get some great photographs too.

If you find the idea of two wings more exciting than four wheels, maybe you should think about booking a flying experience as a gift. As fun as a sports car might be, nothing could compare to being in control of a small plane, or taking one of our helicopter flying experiences for your 18th birthday. The restrictions on these are more often based on height and size rather than age, so most people are eligible for take off!

Alternatively, why not make a toast to mark the celebration and enjoy good food and drink with a gourmet gift? These 18th birthday gifts include a tour from a guide who will discuss the creation of the product and its history, and then there will be a tasting session so that you can sample the goods!