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21st Birthday

Check our exciting 21st birthday gift ideas.

Although you might initially find 21st birthday ideas hard to think up, we have done the work for you and arranged a set of original and quirky birthday ideas for men and women here. Try not to think too much about the present and just choose a gift experience that isn't too serious, after all birthdays are all about fun!

For a change of pace, how about looking into one of our unique gifts? These are gifts that have a special touch or relate back to the person whose birthday it is in some way. You could look into getting someone a birthday newspaper and find out what was happening in the world the day they were born. This is a fun personalised gift that can be looked at again and again and is a kind of present and birthday card all-in-one.

Traditionally, 21 year-olds would receive the 'key to the door', meaning they were free to come and go as they please. Although that tradition is long dead and gone, any 21 year old would appreciate the key to the door of a sports car in one of our driving experiences. The lucky person will be taken to a racing car track and given a demonstration of a high speed vehicle like a Ferrari or Porsche, and then allowed to drive it for themselves. This is a very popular present for anyone with an interest in motor racing.

If you'd prefer to leave the racing to other people, you might want to look through our days out for some of our excellent gift experiences. Our range of gift experiences is bound to spark some 21st birthday ideas.