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    Diesel and steam train experiences

    Enjoy a gentle steam train ride

    If you use public transport a lot, for commuting for example, you might forget that trains were supposed to be a high-class way to get around. When they were first rolled out train travel, like the original plane travel, was supposed to be a luxurious way to travel. If you're looking to return to that kind of travel you could look through our list of steam train experiences. You can take one of these special train trips from standard UK railway stations and get the chance to enjoy the journey as well as the destination.

    We have a lot of relaxing steam train rides. Book a trip from a number of UK locations and enjoy the view from a classic steam train. If you're interested in driving the train we also have experiences that allow you to do that too. It makes a great present for a trainspotter or just a person who's always fancied taking control of an old train.

    The big name in luxury train travel is the Orient Express. Although the original journey was from Paris to Istanbul, there are now Orient Express tours in the UK that can be taken as first class passenger trips. Take an extravagant train trip and have a nice champagne cocktail aboard one of the most iconic vehicles in luxury leisure travel.

    If a drink on a train doesn't sound like enough for you, take a look at the train dining experiences we currently have available. Travel is available across England, as well as in Scotland and Wales. You'll be offered a seat on a pleasure train ride before a delicious meal and drinks. Meals range from brunch to a 5 course meal with champagne, depending on the experience you choose to buy.

    Steam and diesel train experiences
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