Days out at The Monkey Sanctuary

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Days Out at The Monkey Sanctuary

Go bananas at this fantastic attraction!

As the name suggests, The Monkey Sanctuary in Cornwall is the perfect designation for any animal lover who's absolutely nuts about monkeys and bananas for primates! So if you know someone who would love to learn more about life up in the trees, or would simply adore the chance to get up close and personal with some of the world's coolest animals, look no further than our amazing range of Monkey Sanctuary days out.

Get a fascinating insight into how to care for these adorable creatures, and learn all about this fantastic facility's great rescue work across the world. You will get to experience all elements of day-to-day zookeeping, from feeding the monkeys and even making toys for them to play with, before a delectable serving of refreshments in the Sanctuary's vegetarian cafe.

With over 30 animals on site, including Capuchin and Woolly Monkeys, as well as Barbary Macaques, the Monkey Sanctuary is truly the perfect destination for any nature-lover.

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