1hr Pop Taster Experience

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Choose from over 9000 songs then spend 1 hour recording the song of your choice

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This is an introduction to what it is like to record a track in a professional recording studio. You will have the chance to prove your budding Pop-star status by recording your favorite song with you singing the vocals. A professional recording will be burnt to CD on the day for you to take home. This experience is ideal for fun or as a unique present for someone.
On arrival you will be greeted by one of our engineers who will assist you with the recording of your song. Once you are happy with the backing track, you will then go into the vocal booth & record your vocals to the track. The track will then be 'Mastered' & a CD will be created for you to take home.

This experience is available at 51 Locations:

  • Avon (South West) - Bath
  • Avon (South West) - Bristol
  • Berkshire (South West) - Newbury
  • Berkshire (South West) - Slough
  • Buckinghamshire (South East) - Milton Keynes
  • Cambridgeshire (South East) - Cambridge
  • Cambridgeshire (South East) - Cambridge
  • Cheshire (North) - Chester
  • Derbyshire (Midlands) - Derby
  • Devon (South West) - Plymouth
  • Dorset (South West) - Bournemouth
  • Dorset (South West) - Bournemouth
  • Dorset (South West) - Poole
  • East Riding of Yorkshire (North) - Hull
  • East Sussex (South East) - Brighton
  • Essex (South East) - Chelmsford
  • Essex (South East) - Colchester
  • Essex (South East) - Witham
  • Glamorganshire (Wales) - Cardiff
  • Greater London (London) - Fulham
  • Greater London (London) - London
  • Greater Manchester (North) - Manchester
  • Greater Manchester (North) - Manchester
  • Greater Manchester (North) - Manchester
  • Hampshire (South East) - Portsmouth
  • Hampshire (South East) - Southampton
  • Lancashire (North) - Blackpool
  • Lancashire (North) - Nelson
  • Leicestershire (Midlands) - Leicester
  • Leicestershire (Midlands) - Leicester
  • Lincolnshire (Midlands) - Lincoln
  • Merseyside (North) - Liverpool
  • Merseyside (North) - Liverpool
  • Norfolk (South East) - Norwich
  • North Yorkshire (North) - Harrogate
  • Northamptonshire (Midlands) - Guilsborough
  • Nottinghamshire (Midlands) - Mansfield
  • Oxfordshire (South West) - Oxford
  • Oxfordshire (South West) - Oxford
  • Somerset (South West) - Weston Super Mare
  • South Yorkshire (North) - Ollerton
  • South Yorkshire (North) - Sheffield
  • Staffordshire (Midlands) - Stoke on Trent
  • Strathclyde (Scotland) - Glasgow
  • Surrey (South East) - Woking
  • Tyne & Wear (North) - Newcastle
  • Tyne & Wear (North) - Newcastle
  • West Midlands (Midlands) - Birmingham
  • West Sussex (South East) - Arundel
  • West Yorkshire (North) - Leeds
  • Wiltshire (South West) - Swindon
Your voucher is valid for 10 months. Two weeks notice is required for backing tracks to be made ready. Recipients may bring along their own backing tracks on any format, preferably CD, if required. Good singing is optional! The Minimum age for this experience is 8.
1hr Pop Taster Experience
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Amazing/fun experience This gift experience was perfect for my friend she absolutely loved it and got to keep a cd of her recording, when we got there the was greeted by the guy creating it all for us, he was very welcoming and made us feel at ease and was good fun. would definately go for one for a bit longer time next time. really worth every penny, for people that love singing. 17 March 2012
My daughter is always singing she has regular lessons and asked for this experience for her birthday after seeing it online. I think she took her own backing track. I was a bit sceptical as to how professional it'd be but her CD sounds very high quality and it's nice for her to have it recorded as a reminder. 16 November 2010
I'm always telling my boyfriend he has a great singing voice but he never believed me until I made him go on this pop taster experience! Once he got over his nerves he really enjoyed it and has a great reminder now on CD. 16 November 2010
Check your location before you book! I booked my experience through Songmaker, a very proffessional and flashy looking company (brilliant website indicating their studios are top of the range). For ease I picked the nearest location to me in Birmingham. On the day, I couldn't find the studio, and spent ages travelling round a terraced residential estate. I called Songmaker who advised they would need to give me the number for their sound engineer. No problem I thought. I called the mobile and it was answered by a lady who said ''hello Johns phone''. I said is this Songmaker? She said ''who?''. The recording studio I said. ''eerrrrrm yes''. Explained I was lost so got given directions and advised she would wait out front for me. Arrived as directed to find a very scruffily dressed man waiting to greet us outside the back of a terraced house. Walked up a weedy, unlevel path to a very dirty looking entrance #there were dirty cat bowls outside that hadnt been washed in a long time!#. Got showen into a very old entrance, with some very scruffy looking chairs and into a makeshift studio. I had my 3 girls all under 11 with me and they all had to sit and wait on an old and cracked leather sofa covered in dust. The engineer played my backing track which was not the original and had some very ropey backing singers that were not even singing in the same key as the original! Got told they dont have another so will have to make do. Got given a very old headset, with tape to keep it together! Spent about 10 minutes recording the song which wasn't enough due to the very ropey backing track, then spent the rest of the time waiting for the CD to be made on analougue equipment!!! When I listened back to the CD there were numerous cutting errors, echo and fade on some parts but not on others, and just overall a very poor edit! I left feeling upset that I'd wasted my time! I made a complint to songmaker and they didnt even respond after the initial reply to advise they dont personally vet the studios they use!!!! If they dont vert them how do they know they are suitable for use!!!!! I'm sure at the right location tis experience is fantastic but check before you book. Mine was certainly not as advertised and it was an awful day out. 08 August 2013
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