Feed The Big Cats By Hand (Weekdays)

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Close enough to feel their breath, fortunately there is a cage between you!

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Feeding big cats by hand is normally a suicidal pursuit but this time you can get as close as you dare in the knowledge that there is a sturdy enclosure separating you from the jaws of these beautiful but ferocious beasts. Under the instruction of an experienced keeper you will be able to feel that cat 's whiskers and smell their breath in this once in a lifetime experience which is suitable for anyone over the age of 16.
On arrival at the park you are welcome to spend as much time as you like admiring the many collections of exotic animals and birds. You will need to make your way to the big cat enclosure 30 minutes before the start of the experience for a briefing by the keeper and an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Then it 's your big chance to feed these amazing animals through the bars of the enclosure. After the experience you will be presented with a certificate as a memento.

This experience is available at Hertfordshire:

  • Hertfordshire (South East) - Broxbourne
Your voucher is valid for 10 months. This experience is suitable for anyone over 16 years old. The feeding time is at 1.30pm or 3.00pm but you are welcome to spend the whole day in the park as this package also includes admission. Spectators are welcome and can purchase standard admission (£14.00) at the gate. Please check that you are up to date on your tetanus inoculations (this can be verified by your GP). Please note this is a one to one experience, groups are not allowed.
Feed The Big Cats By Hand (Weekday) 4.9 5 16 16
Amazing! A real buzz getting up close and personal with my new mate Rocky! A full day spent at the zoo then hand feeding a huge tiger and having him lick the blood off my hand was something i will never forget! A must for any big cat fan! 29 April 2013
A Great Special Present!! This was a fantastic experience - I was greeted by a very friendly and knowledgeable keeper (Ian) who was obviously passionate about his work. I was able to choose the Big Cat I wanted to feed. I chose the white tiger who was spectacular. I've got loads of lovely photos of my experience which I would recommend to any Big Cat fan!!! 20 May 2014
Amazing - I am in love! Forget the suspicious Tiger Temple in Thailand, this is how an up close and personal experience should be. Bought for me as a birthday present from my boyfriend and booked just shy of the expiry date, I was disappointed to be going in February thinking there wouldn't be much to see in the cold - how wrong I was! We were given an extended tour prior to the experience as the park is quiet at this time of year, saw behind the scenes of shows and had a larger choice of cats to feed. I went with rocky rhe tiger, and was then greeted by his two new friends (female) who were allowed to say hello afterwards. The two females tend not to like male humans, but if you are female and want even more interaction ask for one of the two female tigers. Not sure how I'm going to match this gift! 26 March 2014
Most awesome Feeding a tiger by hand is the most awe inspiring experience ever, to feel their tongue lick your hand as they take the meat from you is an experience beyond words. Only when you are up close to this beautiful animal and can look into it's eyes and feel it's breath can you truly appreciate how magnificent they are. My amazing daughter bought me this gift for Christmas and I can honestly say that it is a memory I will treasure forever. I have pictures of Rocky (the tiger I met) on my desk and by my bed and looking at these brings a smile to my face every day. This experience was out of this world and remembering that day will give me pleasure for the rest of my life. 18 October 2013
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