Ferrari driving experiences at Goodwood

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Ferrari Driving at Goodwood

Grab your chance to take the wheel of this amazing Italian supercar!

Everyone who loves cars has, at some point, dreamed of taking the wheel of a blood-red Italian supercar and flying around a pristine stretch of tarmac, screeching through the bends and hammering the engine for all it's worth.

And at the glorious Goodwood track in West Sussex you can treat the petrolhead in your life to the one of the biggest, most exciting ranges of Ferrari driving experiences available anywhere, the perfect surprise for any discerning speed-freak.

From the classic Ferrari 308 of the 1970s, through the F355 to the modern F430 and 360, they can experience this iconic, lightning-fast manufacturer through the ages, screeching through Woodcote Corner, mastering Lavant and tearing-up the straights.

With expert supercar instructors on hand to help your lucky loved-one get the very most out of whichever one of these super-powered machines you choose, they'll be throwing tyre-smoke into the air, hearing the engine roar and slashing their lap times before they know it.

So if you know someone who's bedroom wall is covered in pictures of the prancing horse, or who is always looking for their next speed-freak's thrill, a Ferrari Goodwood experience could be just the ticket for them!

Ferrari driving experiences at Goodwood
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