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    Ferrari Driving at Rockingham

    Get your hands on one of the world's most stunning cars

    Few vehicles can truly compare to the seminal styling, breakneck speed and raw, untamed power of the car with the Prancing Horse badge. The rush you get when you're thundering across the tarmac, your hands gripping the wheel and your pedal pushed to the floor is completely unique and almost any car-lover would jump at the chance to try it out for themselves.

    And what better venue could there be for such an adventure than 'Europe's fastest racing circuit': Rockingham?

    Well with our amazing range of Ferrari experiences at the famous old track, you can treat the special petrolhead in your life to just such an incredible thrill, as they take the reins of a 360 Modena and put their driving skills to the test.

    Hammer down the straights at up to 180mph and screech round the hairpin bends and chicanes like an experienced supercar pro!

    They can pair the 360 with a lightning-fast single-seat racer, or even add a little bit of precision German engineering to their supercar day out with the nimble Porsche 911.

    But whichever they choose, the tyre-squealing, engine-roaring Italian flair of the Ferrari will excite, delight and amaze them. Just make sure they buckle-up tight!

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