Junior Driving Experiences

Who said that you had to be an adult to get the thrill of driving? For those who aren't quite old enough to take their test and are just itching to get behind the wheel, we have plenty of opportunities available for a great day out!

If your youngster imagines himself to be the next best Formula 1 driver then there are a lots of ways in which he can go out there and prove it with a list of race tracks from Brands Hatch to Rockingham. On these tracks they'll literally be a boy (or girl) racers but in a much safer environment than on the road.

Even the youngest of riders can now have a go in one of the major brands of motorsport with the age restriction now only 12 for driving a genuine Ferrari, something that would surely impress all the friends at school!

For those who enjoy a bit of off road fun there are even gifts for this with a day riding 4x4's which can handle the toughest of terrains and the steepest of climbs.

The variety of driving experiences expands even further with funniest rides on four wheels anyone can have driving around circuits in go-carts, quad bikes that can ride over rocks and rougher tracks. You can even have the best passenger ride imaginable riding over other cars and in a massive monster truck.

So whether it's karting or quads, 4x4's or Ferraris, young drivers can go on a high octane adventure that will stay with them forever!

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    Young Driver Facts

    • The minimum age you have to be to legally drive a car public highways varies around the world, from the average 18 years old, down to a mere 14 years in Ethiopia! In Australia there is no national rule, but instead it varies by state, with teenagers in Southern Australia getting a license at 16, and those in Victoria having to wait until they reach 18!

    • 95% of the professional racing drivers in the world, including the majority of Formula 1 and NASCAR drivers, started off racing go karts! Even Lewis Hamilton learnt his skills by karting! So if you get the taste for speed, you never know where you might end up!

    • The biggest ever jump made by a monster truck was 202ft (61.6m) over a Boeing 727 passenger jet!

    About Junior Driving Experiences

    Junior Lamborghini

    " I was only 11 and heavily into my karting by then, going to race tracks at weekends and having a great time. "

    Lewis Hamilton,
    The Sun, 2007

    Junior Ferrari

    The ultimate driving experience for teenage motorists! Not many adults have the chance to get behind the wheel of a genuine Ferrari, but in this incredible experience the kids are given the keys, as 12-16 year olds get to put the machine through its paces!

    First Time Drive Experience

    Why wait until you're 17 to learn to drive, when you don't have to? This gift lets teenagers experience the fundamentals of driving, in a fun, safe environment, away from public roads. A qualified instructor will teach them all they need to know, as they get behind the wheel for the first time!

    Junior Monster Truck Ride

    Kids from 8 years old upwards can experience the ride of their lives in this mega machine! Drive over boulders and crush cars with the greatest of ease in this 'Rock Crawler' monster truck. A thrill ride of epic proportions!

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