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About Go Karting

The beauty of go karting is that no matter what your age or why you're doing it, it is the fast paced race driving activity that is open to one and all. If you take a stroll into one of the many kart track circuits around the UK on any given day, you will see a range of people from mates on a day out to future Formula 1 stars already signed to and sponsored by Formula 1 teams.

The reason for this is simple; karting is simply the purest form of racing. The karts in any race are the same, so its about the speed and ability of you the driver. Can you identify the best racing line? Have got the nerve to overtake? Karting gives you a chance to see just how quick you really are.

Control driving is all about learning to take a car to its very limits and keeping control in the most extreme of conditions. Whether we're talking about screeching around a dirt track or aqua planning, these driving experiences will provide some serious edge of your seat heart-stopping fun, but also provide you with the skills that might one day get you out of a sticky situation!

About Go Karts

  • While Karting is often seen as a slower and less advanced form of racing, top of the range go karts have the capacity to get up to speeds of around 160mph. Yes...erm...very slow indeed.

  • Surprisingly, go karts have a chassis made of steel tube and therefore do not have a suspension. As such we don't advise any stunt tricks or Hollywood style jumps, just stick to racing.

  • Art Ingels is generally accepted to be the founding father of Karting, having built the first kart at his Southern California home in 1956.

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