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About Lotus car driving experiences

Engineering maverick Anthony Bruce Chapman's ingenuity and technological genius saw the creation of the first Lotus in 1948, all in the humble confines of his girlfriend's garage and equipped only with a power drill. From these humble beginnings came a quintessentially British supercar and a haul of international motorsport successes.

Lotus cars combine agility with effortless style promising gravity-defying handling and thrilling speeds. Lotus Cars, to steal a phrase from one J Timberlake, brought sexy back. No stranger to motorsport success, Lotus' first F1 victory came in 1960 at the Monaco Grand Prix, piloted by the illustrious hands of none other than Stirling Moss. Incorporating mysterious things like aluminum extrusion frames and composite body shells, the Lotus Elise reaches 0-60 mph in 5.8 seconds, lashing wickedly fast speeds of up to 150mph.

The long held ingredient to Lotus' success is the design mantra, "Performance through light weight", uttered in yesteryear by Mr. Chapman himself. Emphasising driving purity, the synergy of lightweight cars with relatively low power outputs ensures these bad boys punch well above their weight, guaranteeing a driving experience that puts other supercars to shame.


"If the Elise were music, it would be blues. Raw, emotional, stripped back and pared-down. Something that touches your soul. "

Top Gear

Lotus Car Facts

  • Shaken, not stirred: Lotus cars have appeared in no less than two incredible James Bond films, The Spy Who Loved Me in 1977, and For Your Eyes Only in 1981.

  • The initials ABC above the Lotus symbol refer to the founder Anthony Bruce Chapman. We don't think there was anyone actually called Bavarian Motor Works, but one never knows...

  • The Lotus Elise was named after "Elisa", the grand-daughter of the chairman of Lotus at the time of the car's launch.
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