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    Where is Mallory Park

    Mallory Park

    Mallory Park is in the Midlands in Leicestershire, if you are travelling by car then it's just off the A47 between Hinckley and Leicester and is off the either the M1, M69 or the M6

    Mallory Park Racing Circuit,
    Kirkby Mallory,

    Mallory Parks postcode for Sat Nav

    Sat Nav? Mallory Park's post code is LE9 7QE.

    About Mallory Park

    Originally a pony riding track back in the 1940s, today Mallory Park is known for being one of the quickest tracks in the UK. Its oval shape with wide corners and long straights mean it can be experienced at high speed. There have been additions to the 1 mile track to reduce the speed of the circuit for superbike races, using all of the track available means there is a 'Superbike' variation with more corners and an extra 0.4 mile of Leicestershire track to ride on.

    A number of interesting cars are available to ride at Mallory Park. For example, take a look at the Ariel Atom racing experiences at Mallory. If you've ever fancied trying out this unique single person vehicle Mallory is the place to do it. The car has a 6 speed manual gearbox and up to 300bhp. The car was designed by a team from Coventry University in the mid 90s and is known for its unique looks and fast acceleration. On Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson said of it "I have never, ever, driven anything that accelerates so fast!"

    If you would prefer to drive something with a little more continental flair, check out our Porsche driving experiences at Mallory. You will be able to ride a Porsche 911 around the oval circuit and put it through its paces. The advantage of this car over the Ariel is that it has a roof, doors and more space to sit in! This might be a better choice if you think you'll be driving in cold weather.

    Cooler still would be a great Italian sports car like a Lamborghini. Get onto the Mallory track with a Gallardo and see if its performance can match its super cool looks. You will be shown around the course in a car first to familiarise yourself with the track before being left to deal with the car for yourself!

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