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About Nissan GT-R driving experiences

For true petrol heads who love modern cars in the mould of the fast and furious, the Nissan GT-R is the perfect vehicle to let your racing instinct come to the fore with our Nissan driving experiences. With more horsepower than most can handle, you'll be tearing up the track in no time as you're shown how to drive the car to its maximum potential at a track of your choosing. Once you've mastered the basic controls you can really experience all that it's got to give as you drive this conception of perfection to the edge.

This mass produced concept car from Japan has astounded the many who've had the pleasure to push it to its limits. The latest model of the GT-R was originally conceived in 2007, the idea was to create the perfect driving machine for the road and track to maximise the fun of driving for all who experienced it. This version of the GT-R is Nissans latest and greatest achievement in motoring excellence, it makes driving more exhilarating than any other concept sports car, but you have to experience it for yourself to understand why.

So get prepared for the most high octane, edge of your seat thrill ride that you can experience without breaking all the road laws in the country with these unmissable Nissan GT-R driving experiences.

Nissan GT-R facts

  • The GT-R's top speed has been recorded at a mind blowing 195mph (as recorded by 'Motor Trend') and can reach 0-60mph in a phenomenal 3.2 seconds, that's more than enough to keep your head pressed hard against the headrest while your stomach struggles to keep everything in check!

  • The development of the Nissan GT-R was aided by the computer game developers of the Gran Turismo racing video game who were even contracted to design the multifunction display.

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