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    About Porsche driving experiences

    Chiseled lines and anatomic curves worthy of David himself, the Porsche family is a truly beautiful fusion of design and unbridled power, promising high-octane thrills dwarfing even Goliath. What can we say? Porsches look amazingly cool, are quicker than a flash, and contain more combined horsepower than the starting blocks at Ascot. The embodiment of engineered perfection, high-performance agility and cutting-edge technology, driving a Porsche is a supercar experience like none other.

    Over 75 years of continued German development ensures the Porsche offers a velocity-defying experience, guaranteed to sate the most hardened of petrol heads. Dial emergency speeds with the Porsche 911, its flat six mounted rear engine, 0-60 mph acceleration in 4.2 seconds, and precision handling just perfect for honing your driving abilities or simply leaving all your everyday worries behind.

    Slay the most demanding chicanes and straights, put paid to unrelenting hairpins, and clinch victory at every turn, a turbo-powered Porsche driving experience is simply a sterling driving day you can't afford to miss.


    "I couldn't find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself. "

    Ferdinand Porsche

    Porsche Driving Experiences Facts

  • Professor Ferdinand Porsche created the Porsche Company in 1931, offering development work and consultation, but not initially crafting any cars under its own name. One of the first commissions it received was to create a car "for the people", something that went on to be called the Volkswagen.

  • Clinching over 28,000 victories in international motorsport and winning 24 Hours of Le Mans 16 times alone, Porsche is currently the world's largest race car manufacturer. We suspect that Porsches may well be extremely fast.

  • Ferdinand Porsche's son, Ferry Porsche decided to build his own car because he could not find one that he wanted to buy. So he built his own in a small sawmill in Austria, creating the first Porsche as a result. Now if only we all had that sort of initiative.
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