Silverstone off road driving experiences

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Off Road Driving at Silverstone

Feel the rush of dirt-road motoring!

Do you know someone who likes to have fun off the beaten track (literally)? Would they love nothing more than to have a Silverstone experience that's unlike any other? Then why not surprise their adventurous spirit with one of our amazing off-road experiences at this motorsport Mecca?

Boasting one of the finest off-piste driving courses that you will find anywhere, at Silverstone, you can take the controls of a roaring, powerful Land Rover Defender or a stage-ready rally car and push your driving skills to the absolute limit.

Power over the roughest terrain that the British countryside can throw at you, scaling the steepest hills, powersliding around corners and flying over jumps. After just one off-roading or rally experience you are sure to have a full raft of brand new skills.

Just don't expect once to be anywhere near enough!

Silverstone off road driving experiences
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