Single seater driving experiences at Donington

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Single Seater Driving at Donington

Get a taste of life in F1 at this fantastic track

Few things come closer to the exhilaration of a real F1 race than a fast, furious single seater driving experience at a bona fide race track, the wind rushing against your visor and your engine roaring as you fly across the pristine tarmac.

And that is the very thrill that is on offer on one of our stunning Donington Park driving days out, where you or someone you love has the chance to lower themselves into a real racecar and push their motoring skills to the limit!

Under the watchful eyes of some of the best racing instructors in the business, you can learn all of the tricks of the trade, from clipping the apexes to controlling the throttle, as you take on some of the most famous corners in the world.

Swing around Redgate with ease and panache, power across Starkeys Bridge and open up the throttle down Wheatcroft like Damon Hill taking on the home straight.

This iconic track has so much to offer, that you or your special petrolhead are sure to live out all of their childhood racing driver dreams with one of our unforgettable single seater days out.

Single seater driving experiences at Donington
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