Single Seater driving experiences at Goodwood

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Single Seater Driving at Goodwood

Get the real racing driver experience at one of the UK's most amazing circuits

If you want the closest thing to the real Formula One superstar high-life, then there is nothing that compares to the raw thrill of careering around a pristine racetrack, the wind on your visor and your pedal to the metal, in a real single-seat racer.

And with one of Buyagift's amazing single seater driving experiences, you can delight the speed-loving motorsport fan in your life with just such an unforgettable day out, as they strap themselves in for the ride of their life.

At the controls of a sleek, nimble Formula Ford F2000, they will live out all of their childhood Grand Prix dreams, picking-out their racing lines, flying through the chicanes and clipping every apex on their way round the famous old Goodwood track.

Watch them take on corners like Woodcote and Lavant like a pro, testing their driving abilities to the absolute limits, and giving Vettel, Button and Hamilton a run for their money!

So if there's someone in your life who spends every Sunday afternoon glued to the F1 coverage, or who simply loves getting their feet on the pedals of the fastest cars possible, a Goodwood single seater experience could be the perfect treat for them.

Single Seater driving experiences at Goodwood
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