Silverstone single seater driving experiences

Single Seater Driving at Silverstone

Live out all of your Formula One dreams!

We've all sat in the stands or crowded around the telly on a Sunday afternoon, hypnotised as the biggest names in motorsport; Mansell, Vettel, and Hill, thunder across the hallowed Silverstone tarmac and storm to F1 glory.

And what motorsport-obsessed speed-freak wouldn't jump at the chance to slip into their racing overalls and screech their way around the most iconic track in British motorsport in an authentic Grand Prix-style single-seat racer?

With an amazing range of racing days out at the famous old circuit, the aspiring Alonso or junior Jenson can get their own taste of the glamorous Formula One high life, flying down the pits straights, mastering Stowe Corner and having the time of their life.

Under the watchful eyes of the best single seater instructors in the business, they can sharpen their racing lines, learn all the racing techniques they will ever need and take their first steps towards international superstardom. Not a bad way to spend a day out!

All they have to do is take their marks, start their engines and get ready to go, go, go!

Silverstone single seater driving experiences
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