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If it were any more fun, there would be laws against it

Take on another tank in this tank paintball combat experience! You and the other crew will get trained in everything you need to know in order to command your metal monster. With a chance to try each of the roles you'll be ready for the main event: the battle!

Get locked and loaded, as you'll be up against another tank trying to do to you exactly what you're trying to do to them.

Our customers call this experience "unforgettable" and "fantastic fun".

  • Battlefield location: Leicestershire
  • Command a specially modified and turreted FV432 APC
  • Take turns in all three roles: driver, gunner and targeter
  • Experience tank-on-tank paintball combat action
  • Spectators welcome

About tank driving experiences

Ever watched a war film and dreamed about taking charge of one of the vehicles? Dream no more, as you can now get a sense of what it's like to drive on caterpillar tracks with our off-road tank driving experiences!

If you book a tank experience you'll travel to a purpose-built track that's formed for a vehicle with a little more 'oomph' than the one you drove to the tank centre in! We have a variety of different tank vehicles, dependant on location. If you've always wanted to know what it feels like to drive a genuine military vehicle, book one of our tank driving days.

You'll be taught how to manoeuvre these metal beasts around a variety of obstacles, both manmade and natural, and if that's not enough at some locations you'll even have the chance to crush a car afterwards! You can take your pick, from tanks to the modern era to classic tank models, and see what they're like to drive.

With so many objects to drive over and plenty of other things to keep track of in one day, you're sure to have lots of fun as you have a truly unique experience driving a tank!

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