Multicar driving experiences at Three Sisters

Multicar Driving at Three Sisters

Enjoy the full range of supercar treats in Lancashire

When you're trying to put together the dream driving day out for someone special, it seems like such a shame to limit them to only one car. And why should you have to when there are amazing multicar driving thrills available at stunning racetracks like Three Sisters?

With one of our unforgettable multicar driving experiences, you can take on the infamous Three Sisters straights and its tight, testing corners in anything from a stylish Aston Martin V8 Vantage to a stripped-back Ariel Atom or a speedy, agile V8 Touring Car, all in the same session!

Whether you've always had a burning desire to take the wheel of a Porsche 911 and push it to the very limit, or you're buying for someone who dreams of filling the air with tyre-squeal and engine noise in an iconic Ferrari 360, you can assemble the perfect car line-up at Three Sisters.

And with such a wide range of cars and experiences to be had at this amazing circuit, a multicar day out at Three Sisters could be just the thing that makes someone's next special day one that they'll remember for years to come!