Double Supercar Driving Thrill - Week-round

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Twice the adrenaline, twice the rush, double the delight. Drive two supercars any day of the week and save 34%!

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Most people will only ever dream of driving a supercar but with this package you will step from your dreams straight into the cockpits of two of the world’s most prestigious vehicles. Choose any two cars from a range that includes Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, Porsches and many others. You’ll get a safety briefing from a highly trained instructor before being getting behind the wheel of the first supercar of your choice. You’ll have 6 miles of driving before taking your second car around the circuit for another 6 miles. To ensure that your friends and family believe you when you tell them about what you’ve been driving you’ll also be given a certificate commemorating your supercar day.
What's included?
  • Introduction and safety briefing by a fully trained instructor
  • An instructor-driven demonstration lap (not included at Seighford, North Weald, Blyton Park and Llandow locations)
  • A 6 mile driving session per vehicle in your choice of two of the following supercars (available cars vary by location - see below for full details): Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Audi R8, Ferrari 360, Lamborghini Gallardo, Porsche 911/997 Turbo, Nissan GTR, Subaru, Mitsubishi Evo, Ariel Atom, Caterham
  • 4x4 off-road passenger ride (Included at Seightford, Prestwold and Kenilworth only)
    A certificate commemorating your double supercar driving day
Any restrictions?
  • Your voucher is valid for 10 months for one person
  • This experience is available week-round at most venues
  • Please note the Lamborghini and Nissan GTR are not available at SuperCar Scotland experiences sites
  • To use the voucher at the Kent location on a weekday a £20 upgrade fee is payable or a £40 upgrade fee is payable to use on a Saturday
  • To use your voucher at Lochgelly, Crail or Grampian, which only operate on weekends, a £25 surcharge is required
  • Min. height is 1.524m/5’0”
  • Max. height is 1.92m/6’4”
  • Max. weight is 114Kg/18st
  • Min. age is 17 years
  • If in any doubt about your suitability for the experience, please check with the supplier before booking
  • All drivers must hold a valid full UK driving licence. This will need to be presented on the day of the experience. Photocopies will not be accepted
  • All drivers will be required to sign a disclaimer accepting liability should damage be caused to the vehicle through their negligence
  • Please note, all tracks are subject to seasonal opening times - please check individual track
  • All dates are subject to availability
What do I need to know?
  • You are advised to wear a long sleeved top, trousers and trainers on the day of your experience
  • Please bring your voucher and booking confirmation with you
  • There may be the option of purchasing a collision damage waiver for approximately £20 - £30, there is no obligation on drivers to take this option
  • Spectators are welcome
  • Cars available:
  • - Porsche 911/997 Turbo: All venues
    - Nissan GTR: All venues excluding Chobham, Wiltshire, Bruntingthorpe, Blyton Park
    - Subaru: All venues excluding Chobham, Wiltshire, Bruntingthorpe, Blyton Park
    - Mitsubishi Evo: All venues excluding Chobham, Wiltshire, Bruntingthorpe, Blyton Park
    - Ariel Atom: Chobham, Bruntingthorpe, Blyton Park, Wiltshire, Prestwold and Elvington only
    - Caterham: Prestwold Hall only
    - Aston Martin V8 Vantage: All venues
    - Ferrari 360: All venues
    - Lamborghini Gallardo: All venues

This experience is available at 18 Locations:

  • Essex (South East) - North Weald
  • Fife (Scotland) - Anstruther
  • Fife (Scotland) - Lochgelly
  • Glamorganshire (Wales) - Llandow
  • Grampian (Scotland) - Aberdeenshire
  • Leicestershire (Midlands) - Prestwold Hall
  • Lincolnshire (Midlands) - Blyton Park
  • Lincolnshire (Midlands) - Blyton Park
  • Lothian (Scotland) - East Lothian
  • North Yorkshire (North) - Elvington
  • North Yorkshire (North) - Elvington
  • North Yorkshire (North) - Selby
  • Northamptonshire (Midlands) - Rockingham
  • Staffordshire (Midlands) - Seighford
  • Surrey (South East) - Cranleigh
  • Surrey (South East) - Longcross
  • Warwickshire (Midlands) - Long Marston
  • Wiltshire (South West) - Castle Coombe
Your voucher is valid for one person for 10 months. This experience is available week-round. To use your voucher at Lochgelly, Crail or Grampian, which only operate on weekends, a £25 surcharge is required. The minimum age is 17 and there are no restrictions on how long you have held your licence for. At all locations you must produce a full licence on the day (photocopies will not be accepted). Please note the Lamborghini and Nissan GTR are not available at SuperCar Scotland experiences sites. You should wear trainers, a long sleeved shirt and trousers. Minimum height is 5ft, maximum height is 6'4". Maximum weight 18 stone – if you are in doubt about suitability please contact the supplier. The person driving the car will be required to sign a disclaimer accepting liability in the event of damage being caused to the car through their negligence. At most locations, you will have the choice of buying a collision damage waiver for an additional charge of approximately £25 (£20 at Stafford). Drivers are under no obligation to purchase this optional waiver. Spectators are welcome. Please note, all tracks are subject to seasonal opening times - please check individual tracks. All dates are subject to availability.
Double Supercar Driving Thrill - Week-round
4.5 out of 5 – 43 reviews
Double Supercar Driving Thrill (Week-round) 4.5 5 43 43
Audi R8 and Ferrari 458 Review It's a cold, sunny September morning, the haze from the morning dew is rising as you approach the track. A squadron of super cars totalling well over a million quid wait, fumes from the exhaust rise from the cars one by one as they are warmed up, along with a roar that sounds like a thunder storm approaching. Once signed in you are given you slip with the cars listed on it, mine says Audi R8 and Ferrari 458. The realisation and excitement starts to hit home, these people are actually going to let you drive these cars!! You start by be taken calmly round at a sedate 30-40mph in a convoy comprising of 2 Range Rover Sports and a Focus RS. Learning the track, where to brake and where to accelerate, showing you the best lines to take and explain the few but highly important rules of the track. Once the slow lap is done, it begins! My name is called out by a very attractive young lady and she points to the silver Audi R8 waiting with the instructor in the passenger seat, the engine is already running as you step over the sills into the cockpit seat. The instructor explains a bit about the car and what to expect, lays down a few ground rules to keep us safe and then we set off. Over to the start of the pit lane, where you will have your picture taken by their professional photographer, and then onto the track. The car is as impressive as I had imagined the acceleration is life changing and the braking is just as powerful. The 3 laps are over before you know it, but the memory is there to stay! The car was so level and planted to the floor it was as if god himself was holding it down! You stand around for a bit watching the other cars go by, the noise from them just adds to the excitement and the anticipation. I spotted the Ferrari 458 coming in from a mile off, and waited, and waited, and waited it seemed like a life time (was actually no more than a minute) until I heard my name called out. It was my turn in the Ferrari! Never moved so fast in all my life. The Stewardess walks me over the Ferrari, I feel like royalty all ready and I’m not in the car yet! She tells me to watch out for the pedals as I get in. Stepping into the car a and sinking in to the Red Bucket seat, feels more like I’m getting into a well-furnished Formula One car not a £150,000 road car. I meet my instructor, I’m sure he told me his name but with all the excitement I could have been sat next to a celebrity and I wouldn’t have noticed! The massive yellow gauges are looking back at me and the Speedo goes all the way past 200mph! The shift light on the steering wheel, the bucket seats, the minimalist interior and the 2 huge shift paddles looking back at you tells you that this car is meant for 1 thing, getting you to where you need to be as fast as humanly possible!! We head over to the camera man again and then out onto the pit straight, we have to wait for a Nissan GTR to fly past and then he says the word you have been waiting for..... GO! 1st gear, 2nd Gear, 3rd Gear, we are doing 60 before you can say holy .... this is fast!!, the GTR that flew past moments before looms up as we fly past it, the Speedo is in significant right now, the noise from the engine behind you sounds like you are being chased by Thor himself! I daren’t take my eyes off the road as this thing seems bent on catching the horizon and consuming everything in between! First corner approaches, you hear the voice of the instructor (who I had forgotten for a second was there) brake, brake, brake, down into 3rd, and accelerate, trust the car he says, and he wasn’t wrong. The car sticks to the road as if it was part of it, not an inch of body roll or that impending feeling of "oh dear this is about to go really wrong”. The first lap is coming to an end as you start to relax into the car, knowing what it can do already confidence builds. I notice there is a switch on the Steering wheel that is in "sport" but I can't help notice the setting that says "Race". I ask what the difference between the two is and he says “not a lot of difference, except in race we break the track noise restriction levels!” On coming back into the pit lane he congratulates me on a great drive. Getting out of the car there is a smile on my face; I can’t believe I have just done this. If you get the option take the Hot Lap. The only way to sum this up is an ex-racing drive\controlled nutcase taking you on an Adrenaline fuelled lap of the track in a Focus RS while you hang on thinking ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Worth every second! All in all a great day out I would recommend to anyone, you don’t need to be a petrol head to appreciate this. The event is really well organised and will be a day you will not forget in a long time! 06 October 2011
Best gift ever I bought the double supercar day wih additional thrill ride for my husband for his birthday. He chose the Kenilworth track and he said it was the best gift he has ever had. The car choice was excellent and he thoroughly enjoyed the experience. There was also the option on the day to add additional cars if you wished but my husband was very happy with his 2 and the bonus thrill lap with the proffesional driver which was amazing. I would definitely recommend this experience gift to anyone. 05 June 2011
70th birthday present I had a fab day at the racing trace would recommend this experience to anyone who enjoys driving. 12 October 2013
3 Supercars = Awesome Day! This was an amazing experience! The day started nice and easy, although getting there we got lost a few times (Heyford Park), We started by signing in and I noticed that the Lamborghini was available for 4 laps to purchase there and then, which of course I did! I was signed on to drive the Ferrari 360, the Mitsubishi Evo 7, and I added the Lamborghini. I was really nervous to start with (especially being one of the only girls driving!) and sat down for the briefing which was actually not as bad as I thought as he was really funny and just explained the basics really and how every instructor was there to help you get to your full potential not to make you do anything you didn't want too! So we got in the minibus and went off quickly around the track to give us a rough idea of where the brake markers and the corner markers were and then it was time for the cars! I started off in the Ferrari and got the red one! Yay! I got in the car and explained I was a bit nervous (especially about stalling it) because I've only ever driven a Honda Jazz 1.4! He said it's fine take your time and we'll head out onto the track. I pulled away, without stalling, and immediately I wanted to put my foot down! But I held myself back before we got to the track but as soon as we got there he was said I could. I started off with a bit of speed and by the second lap I had it pinned to the floor for as long as I could before slowing for the corner and then foot down again along the next straight. The speed in that car was amazing and I reached upwards of 100mph when I could. Very sad when I had to get out as I would have lived in it if I could. Next came the Mitsubishi! This is a car I've always admired just because it's plain awesome! I got in, was greeted warmly and got ready as soon as I could for the moment I had been waiting for so eagerly! The gearbox was so much more easy than the Ferrari and I was speeding along in no time! (I should mention now that the clutch pedal is quite stiff, so if you have a delicate little car like my jazz... don't try to punch a whole the the bottom of you car when you go to drive it again!) This definitely had to be my favourite car as though the Ferrari had some bite to it, I was almost squealing in excitement as the quick response to the power was incredible, the gear changes were so quick if you blinked you missed them, and when braking for the corners my arms were shaking in protest! I could just imagine slinging it round a corner, kicking the back end out and doing it over and over again, but alas that was not possible on this track. It doesn't matter though it was still the most amazing car I've ever driven! Next... the Lamborghini... Well along with being beautiful, this car was just waiting to explode! I've never driven an automatic (let alone flappy paddle) before but this was amazing! I was quite hesitant for a while actually but once I got used to it I really pushed it out! it was so smooth and comforting inside that I could have been travelling over gravel or sand and I wouldn't have known the difference! It didn't have the classic Lamborghini whine that I was expecting but that still didn't stop the chills crawling up my back when it roared as we went up the rev counter! All of my instructors gave me a good review saying how smooth and fast I went with good lines which made me feel extra awesome and now my other half can't tell me I'm a bad driver just because I'm a women! I ended up buying the CD with all the professional photo's on it and a single portrait of me and the Mitsubishi . There was an option to have a video taken of my lap which showed the speed as well as my face and the road ahead but I didn't want anyone seeing my face as I screamed all the way round! All in all this was an amazing gift which I would buy for anyone who maybe even just likes the look of the car because there's nothing to stop you from going slow if you like (more time in the car) and it was a truly smile from ear to ear non stop till you cheeks hurt experience! Thank you to all the staff who helped make the day one I will never forget! 08 October 2013
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