Ferrari and Aston Martin Driving Blast

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British style, elegance and sophistication pitted against Italian power, speed and passion for a once in a lifetime driving experience

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Wild passion versus refined elegance. It’s a quandary that many have faced, should they go with the sheer brute power of a Ferrari or should they choose the style and sophistication of the Aston Martin? With this package you don’t need to make that decision as you get to enjoy both. Two of the world’s hottest cars just waiting for you to hop in and take them for a spin around the track. The perfect day out for a real driving enthusiast, these cars are the ultimate in motoring achievement. Get a full briefing from a highly trained instructor and then pilot a Ferrari 360/355 for 3 miles around the track. Swap the rawness of the Italian Stallion for something a little more refined by then hopping into the cockpit of the Aston Martin before putting it through its paces for another 3 mile drive. If you undertake the experience at either Kenilworth or Prestwold, you will also get the opportunity of an amazing off-road passenger ride. At the end of your day receive a certificate to celebrate the time you sampled the best of both Italian and English motor engineering!
What's included?
  • Introduction and safety briefing by a fully trained instructor
  • 3 miles driving in an Aston Martin DB9 V8 Sports car
  • 3 miles driving in a Ferrari 360 or 355
  • An off-road passenger ride in a 4x4 (included at Prestwold or Kenilworth only)
  • A certificate commemorating your supercar driving day
Any restrictions?
  • Your voucher is valid for one person for 10 months
  • Availability varies by location: Carver Mod and Mintex - available week-round, Kent - you MUST pay a £20 upgrade to use your voucher on a weekday and a £40 fee to use on a Saturday, Scotland - available at weekends ONLY and you MUST upgrade to use your voucher at this location. At all other locations your voucher entitles you to the experience on selected weekdays only, you may upgrade to a weekend date for an additional fee of £25, payable at the time of booking
  • At Stafford location a £10 upgrade fee is payable if you wish to use your voucher between 11am and 3pm
  • Min. height is 1.524m/5’0"
  • Max. height is 1.98m/6’6”
  • Max. weight is 114Kg/18st
  • Minimum age varies by location: Oxford - min. age is 18 years, Essex, Wales and Blyton Park - min. Age is 12 years, all other locations - min. Age is 17 years
    If in any doubt about your suitability for the experience, please check with the supplier before booking
  • At Essex, Wales and Blyton Park there is no requirement for participants to hold a driving licence, however all under 18s must be accompanied to the venue by a legal guardian. At all other locations drivers must hold a valid full UK driving licence. This will need to be presented on the day of the experience, please note: Photocopies will NOT be accepted
  • A health declaration must be signed by the driver on the event day
  • All drivers will be required to sign a disclaimer accepting liability should damage be caused to the vehicle through their negligence
  • Please note, all locations are subject to seasonal opening times - please check with individual tracks
  • All dates are subject to availability
What do I need to know?
  • You are advised to wear flat shoes
  • There may be the option of purchasing a collision damage waiver for approximately £20-£30. There is no obligation on drivers to take this option

This experience is available at 16 Locations:

  • Essex (South East) - North Weald
  • Essex (South East) - Saffron Walden
  • Glamorganshire (Wales) - Llandow
  • Hampshire (South East) - Aldershot
  • Leicestershire (Midlands) - Mallory Park
  • Leicestershire (Midlands) - Prestwold Hall
  • Lincolnshire (Midlands) - Blyton Park
  • Lincolnshire (Midlands) - Blyton Park
  • Lothian (Scotland) - East Lothian
  • North Yorkshire (North) - Elvington
  • North Yorkshire (North) - Selby
  • Northamptonshire (Midlands) - Rockingham
  • Oxfordshire (South West) - Chipping Norton
  • Oxfordshire (South West) - Upper Heyford
  • Staffordshire (Midlands) - Seighford
  • Warwickshire (Midlands) - Long Marston

Your voucher is valid for 10 months. This experience is available on selected weekdays only - you may upgrade to a weekend date for an additional fee of £25 per person, payable at the time of booking. Please note at the Kent location you must pay a £20 upgrade to use your voucher on a weekday and £40 to upgrade to a Saturday. Carver Mod and Mintex are available week-round with no upgrade fee. At Aldershot there is a £25 upgrade fee for weekend dates.

At Stafford you must pay a £10 upgrade fee to use your voucher from 11am - 3pm. This voucher is for one person. Minimum age is 17 (18 at Oxford) and you must hold a full driving licence which must be presented on the day (photocopies will not be accepted). At Essex, Wales and Blyton Park minimum age is 12 years and a driving licence is not required, but all under 18s must be accompanied to the venue by a legal guardian. Min. height 5ft, max. height 6ft 6in. Max weight is 18 stone – if in doubt about suitability please contact the supplier. You are advised to wear flat shoes. A health declaration will be signed by the driver on the event day. The driver will be required to sign a disclaimer accepting liability in the event of damage being caused to the car through their negligence. You will have the choice of buying a collision damage waiver - this can be pre-booked at an additional charge of £20-£30 each - but it is not mandatory. Please note, all locations are subject to seasonal opening times. All dates are subject to availability

Ferrari and Aston Martin Driving Blast
4.5 out of 5 – 186 reviews
Ferrari and Aston Martin Driving Blast 4.2 5 132 132
Verve Revival Great reception from the Mithril folks at Goodwood and their smiles and enthusiasm boded well for a happy experience ahead. Got to admit that my years rolled back when the anticipation of a youngster returned with the eagerness for my turn to climb into the Ferrari 308. The big moment came and I carefully fitted myself into the driver's seat while the instructor provided me a well-structured briefing of the car and track, with emphasis on the main safety points. A quick aside....couldn't see a radio in the car, no aircon, where was the GPS and what was that clutch peddle? Oh well, here goes. Thinks...whatever I do, I must not stall the car in front of the onlookers (VERY embarrassing) and remember the instructor's briefing , do NOT move the gear-stick vertically from first to reverse as it could be detrimental to the health of the car (VERY expensive). The circuits of Goodwood were a blur of concentration and enjoyment. Must say, the instructor's positive guidance, with a the occasional higher pitched screams, worked wonders and, by the third lap, I believe that I was starting to use the markers around the circuit to optimize the turns in a car that cried out to be driven. Of course, I am convinced that I came close to the track record and a furtive glance at the speedo seemed to indicate reaching 160mph ......or was it 60mph? Whatever, it did not matter as I was flushed with long-lost excitement . Encouragingly, the instructor seemed excited too but in a different way.....quite emotional, drained face and even his knuckles looked pasty white. I must have impressed him! Bad points of the experience? They did not gift-wrap the car for me at the end of my drive. And so it was back to home for me, in my somewhat more sedate automatic car, and a wait for Ferrari's letter of invitation for me to join their Formula 1 driving team! 22 June 2014
goodwood most enjoyable afternoon arrived early and track was not live and was able to look and photograph a few of the cars. would recommend any diving at goodwood , due to the excellent team at mithril racing. 09 June 2014
Fab experience We booked this with a friend to drive the Ferrari & Aston Martin at Mintex near Sherburn. The weather was good but as soon as we started our drives the heavens opened. A great experience, friendly helpful staff & so well organised even in the wet weather & would recommend it to anyone 08 June 2014
Best birthday present in 56 years! Really friendly people, professional and well organized. I wasn't rushed and had plenty of time to see what else was going on. Very good instructors and an excellent day out. I would recommended this for anyone who likes fast cars! 06 June 2014
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