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    About flying lessons

    If you've ever wanted to take control of an aeroplane yourself, or know someone who wants to, but never had the opportunity before, then why not book them a flying experience where they can learn to fly? You can take a flight course across the UK and learn from experienced pilots who will guide you through your first flying lesson.

    You can learn to fly in one session or over a number of lessons. Ranging from super-short 30 minute introductory lessons to a full 60 minute flying course, we've got flying lessons to suit every budget and occasion. There are a number of different vehicles available so you can take helicopter lessons too or even a microlight flying experience. There are almost 200 UK flying lesson locations so getting there won't be a long haul.

    Flying lessons facts

  • Baroness Raymonde De Laroche was the very first woman to receive a pilot's license, and in 1919 she set an astounding women's altitude record of 15,700 feet. Now that's what you call a high-flyer!

  • In 1909 Glenn Martin singlehandedly taught himself how to fly using his very own aeroplane, becoming the third person in the US to do so.

  • Wiley Post was the first person to fly solo around the world in an aeroplane, taking off on June 23, 1931 and touching back down eight days, 15 hours and 51 minutes later after circling the globe. That's a lot of stamps in your passport!

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