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    About pleasure flights

    The perfect pleasure flight - recline in your window seat as the pilot climbs above the clouds for a stunning aerial adventure of your choosing.

    Pleasure Flight

    Take a friend for a special flight over London together in a small plane, see Shakespeare's Theatre from the skies with a Stratford Surprise Pleasure Flight, or choose another from our wide selection of Pleasure Flight Experiences, starting at low low prices! Forget the world with these experiences, we've made the sky your oyster too!

    Pleasure flight facts

  • The Cessna 172, is the longest lasting and most popular in history, first produced in 1956 and still on sale today.

  • The Dragon Rapide wasn't just used for pleasure flights. An MI6 agent flew Francisco Franco (who would go on to become General Franco) in a Dragon Rapide from the Canary Islands to Morocco during the opening phase of the Spanish Civil War. Very definitely not a pleasure flight.

  • Cessna as a company has an amazing 250 Pilot Centres around the world that have been teaching people how to fly for over 30 years, so you know you're in safe hands when you choose one of our bestselling flight experiences.

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