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    About cooking lessons

    Whether you want to cook a great meal for someone special to you, or you'd like someone to rustle you up a good dinner sometime book some cooking lessons to ensure you get the best food cooked as you like it. We can send you, the person who you're buying a gift for or both of you together off to sharpen up your skills in the kitchen. Learn cookery basics or study your own favourite kind of cuisine and master your favourite dishes.

    A lot of people love getting an Indian takeaway, but why not learn how to prepare it yourself with our Indian cooking lessons? You can learn in classes or at intense one-to-one sessions where you will be given tips on making great curry, marinates and Indian canapés from expert chefs.

    Alternatively you could choose from one of our fantastic Thai cooking lessons. You will be shown simple cooking techniques, like preparing curry paste, and also shown how to make more elaborate Thai meals, delicious side dishes and soups.

    If you'd like to boost up your bolognese or pep up a pizza take a look through the Italian cooking lessons and pick up the essentials of great Italian cuisine. You can take courses in preparing your own fresh pasta or learn how to mix the right herbs for a great gourmet meal.

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