What will I receive with my voucher   
When you place an order for a gift experience voucher it will be sent out in plain packaging by your chosen delivery method. Inside is a voucher pack containing the following;

• An individually produced and personalised voucher
• An information sheet with details of the experience and all the information necessary to make your booking.
• A presentation wallet for the voucher.

The outer packaging is designed to be completely anonymous, so if you are purchasing a gift for someone who lives in the same residence the box does not give away the surprise.  The only writing on the outside is your stated delivery address and our returns address without our company name. 

For an additional fee of £3.50 at the point of purchase, you may also select to have your pack upgraded to our presentation tin.

E-vouchers are sent direct to your email and so you will not receive any packaging or a presentation box through the post.

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