How do I exchange my voucher   

All you have to do is log into, with your voucher details and click on ‘Exchange my voucher’. Don’t worry if you’re not sure how much your voucher is worth, we work this out automatically for you! We have a huge range of exciting experiences for you to browse through until one catches your eye.


What if there’s a price difference?

If you fancy a new experience that’s a little more pricey, you can just ‘Add’ money.  If it’s cheaper we’ll let you ’Bank’ the remaining amount, which means you’ll receive a credit voucher to use in the future (the expiry date will be clear on your credit voucher).

What can I exchange to?

You can choose from our wide range of experience vouchers however there are some gifts on the website that you can’t exchange to I’m afraid and these include are:

             Print and Go Tickets such as Theme Park tickets

             Tangible items which include Wines, Hampers, Chocolates, Flowers and Personalised Gifts.


Will I have a new validity period on my new voucher?

New vouchers will not automatically have a new validity period and will have the same expiry date as your original voucher.


What if I want a longer expiry date than my current voucher?

If you do want your new voucher to have a longer expiry date, this is not a problem! When you exchange your voucher, you will have the option to extend it at the same time. Simply tick the ‘extend my voucher’ box and you will gain a new 10 month validity period on your new exchanged voucher for £20. The new validity period will start from the date the voucher is exchanged. Additionally, if you have any remaining credit, this will be used against the extension fee.


I have more than one voucher!

If you’re lucky enough to have more than one of our vouchers, you can combine the value of the vouchers and exchange to something more expensive or choose more than one experience. Once you have logged into our My Voucher site and clicked on ‘Exchange my voucher’ you’ll find a box marked ‘Add another voucher’ at the top of the screen. Select this button and fill out the details of your other voucher to automatically combine the value and put towards your experience(s). If you choose to extend the validity period of your new voucher/s, you will only be charged once per transaction and will give all of your new vouchers a 10 month validity period. Easy!


What’s the exchange deadline?

Please make sure you exchange your voucher before the expiry date printed on your voucher.

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