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Has the plethora of music competitions on the TV inspired someone you know? Do they have a talent for singing, but are too scared to showcase it? If you know someone who enjoys performing, whether it be singing or dancing, there is the perfect gift here for them. These gifts are sure to leave them with a taste of the limelight and a flavour of what it is like to be a pop star.

The range of experiences we offer will enthuse and inspire even the most modest of singers. Every pop star has to begin somewhere, and where better than a chance to have their very own slot in a recording studio and produce a CD. With your favourite songs at the ready, you will head to the recording studio ready to feel like a true celebrity. You will be given the chance to perform your favourite songs, with as many takes are you need to get it perfect. Once the special effects are added, the song mixed and the CD artwork chosen, you will leave the studio almost six hours later feeling like a true star.

If you want to take this one step further, why not buy a 'Songmaker Pop Video Experience' where you can turn your performance into something truly special. With the dance moves perfected and the song memorised, you will get the chance to record your very own music video... .starring you!

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