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    About Wine tasting and gifts

    Can't tell a Chablis from a Champagne? Learn about the drink and enjoy wine tasting at the same time! Whether you know a lot about wine or just enjoy drinking it we have some great wine gifts available. For example, wine tasting courses are available throughout the UK. Even if you're not particularly interested in the creation of wine it's a good excuse to try some.

    If you're looking to buy wine as a gift you could always get someone special some personalised wine. This is wine with a special label on it. You can send a name, date and special message and it will be printed on the bottle. It's an exciting gift and no need to buy a card either, it makes a perfect present.

    However if you're less concerned with the type of grape and more interested in just drinking the stuff we also have wine gift sets, which is anything from two bottles to a whole case of wines for you to try. Check out our range and get on with the enjoyment of tasting wine!

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