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London is one of the most exciting cities in the world, as Samuel Johnson put it "when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life". There is no end of things to do, from the many art galleries and museums to the exciting nightlife, bars and clubs that are on offer. The variety of experiences in London is what makes people from around the world want to live and work in it, and it is a boon to the UK tourism industry attracting millions of visitors every year. London's population is well over 7 million and it welcomes people from all over the world.

If visiting why not do something traditional such as afternoon teas in London or take a dazzling Thames Lunch Cruise For Two, a beautiful way to see the city. There is also a great deal of sport on offer in the city, so take a look through the football and rugby tours around London stadiums. Some of the biggest football teams in Europe ply their trade in London and Twickenham, the home of Rugby Union in England, is also in London. If you're looking for something more relaxing, look at the pampering gifts and see the range of spa treatments we have available in the many spas in London.

For those who live in London, you might want to get out of the city for the day, then why not take a look at our experiences in south east England, which will encapsulate some of the things that are happening in the capital but also other attractions outside the M25. You will find some nice country retreats available if you're looking for a short break outside of London, or just something different to what you're used to doing in the city.

So if you're planning a trip along the Thames, going to see Big Ben or just going for a shopping trip, make sure you look through the experiences in London we have available.

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