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Clarice House is a health and fitness club with spa facilities based in three locations (Ipswich, Colchester and Bury St Edmunds) in the south east of England. All three locations come with sauna, steam room and spa bath as standard as well as swimming pools to relax in. Once a club member you can use the aerobic and exercise classes at no extra charge.

Individual clubs in the group have their own special facilities, Clarice House Colchester has a hydrotherapy pool and both Clarice House Ipswich and Colchester have aromatherapy spa treatments available. If you're looking for a longer visit, book into Clarice House Bury St Edmunds for a spa break. There are also premium services such as a beauty salon and spray tan facilities at Clarice House spa, and if you're really looking to get focused and in shape personal trainers are on-hand to help.

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