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    One Night Breaks

    When taking a holiday it's always important to take into consideration when you can go, and how long your trip will be. If you plan to stay in the UK, or at least not go on a long haul flight, it can be attractive to go for a short break of two or even a single night. Our one night breaks provide you with a selection of overnight hotel deals.

    Cost is always a consideration when taking a holiday so if you're heading out for a single night and need to get the best value deal possible then have a look through our cheap one night breaks for short break deals at the best prices we offer.

    Taking a short break can be quite relaxing but if you want to focus on some kind of retreat or pampering experience while you're away have a look at the one night spa breaks we have available. You can pick from spa hotels across the country that will combine a one night stay and the chance to use some fantastic spa treatment facilities.

    If your short break is a special trip away with someone you love book one of our special one night romantic breaks. These make great anniversary presents but are also a nice thing to do for yourself and the significant other in your life. Take a little trip, either to a city or country location and enjoy a charming night away.

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