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    Boutique Hotels

    With the growth of large national and international hotel chains, a cottage industry of smaller hotels has developed that focuses more on individual customer needs and unique hotel styling (everything from room design to hotel decor), and these hotels are broadly called boutique hotels. This style of hotels are often but not always run by the owners and have less than one hundred rooms in total.

    The smaller size of their hotels allows them to spend more time on customer care in order to give their clients a more enjoyable holiday experience. This is especially noticeable in the luxury boutique hotels as you pay top prices for a smaller hotel and get better service than you may get from a very large hotel that costs the same price.

    Most boutique locations give better service than a similar rated hotel but if you need reassurance on the quality of the hotel then check our 5 star boutique hotels and see how good these hotels can be. We have great locations all across the UK and the Republic of Ireland too so whether you're looking for an urban or rural short break take a look through this selection for deals on smaller hotels.

    Staying in a boutique hotel that makes an effort to give you the personal touch might be of extra interest when you're visiting a larger city, which may seem a bit impersonal or unfamiliar. Check through our boutique London hotels for short break deals on smaller hotels in the capital.

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