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About Romantic Breaks

We have compiled a great selection of romantic breaks if you're shopping for yourself and someone special in your life. These short breaks will give you a night or two away in a choice of great locations, from breaks in the Scottish Highlands, all the way to the South West of England, across the Irish Sea to locations both in Northern Ireland and the Republic and even some charming trips to a select number of locations in continental Europe.

Whether you're looking for a short city break or a night away in the country, take a look through our selection of romantic breaks in Scotland. There is so much natural beauty; National Parks like Loch Lomond and Trossachs or the rugged Scottish Highlands. If you'd prefer to stay in a city location, choose from the likes of Inverness, Dumfries or Edinburgh, the capital. Experience a trip to Edinburgh Castle, climb Arthur's Seat or take a walk down the Royal Mile.

Like the idea of visiting a large city but would prefer to visit England? Take a look through our romantic breaks in London. Visit the London Eye, take a walk or boat trip down the Thames or visit any number of the great tourist attractions in the city. Some of our locations include Ealing, Regent Street, Covent Garden and Kensington.

Going away is great fun, but may not be great for your finances, so if you're looking to go away on a budget take a look through our range of cheap romantic breaks. We have offers on a number of hotel deals so that you can take a break without breaking the bank.