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    About Warner Leisure hotels

    If the hustle and bustle of city life is getting too much for you or someone you know, we have the perfect gift idea for you in the form of a trip to a Warner Leisure hotel. With coastal getaways and country estates, guests are treated to fine entertainment and superb facilities when visiting a Warner hotel.

    With 9 hotels to choose from you can purchase one of our Warner gift ideas from anywhere in the country so that you, or the recipient can be sure to enjoy the relaxing spa's and listed buildings that are common among Warner Leisure hotels. With award winning restaurants, fantastic leisure facilities with each hotel having its own golf course and many featuring archery, fencing and bowls you'll be sure to have plenty to keep you entertained. Or if you wish, you can relax with a massage and variety of beauty treatments before you head to the pool or maybe after the Gym. Whatever you're after a Warner Leisure hotel break is sure to be a great gift or special treat.

    Warner Leisure Hotels locations

    We currently offer 9 Warner Leisure Hotels in the countryside and coastal areas of the UK.

    Please note: please don't use these locations for directions - you'll receive more detailed information when booking a hotel package!

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